DFB Video: 19 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Disney World

Here’s to the start of a brand new week! Let’s kick it off with another DFB Video, where we’re letting you know about 19 things you didn’t know you could do at Walt Disney World!

Did you know Sprinkles Cupcakes can come to YOU at your Disney World Resort?

Did you know Sprinkles Cupcakes can come to YOU at your Disney World Resort?

There are certain things you can count on when you visit Disney World: you’ll more than likely see Cinderella Castle, ride some awesome attractions, and eat some tasty food! But Disney World offers a lot of hidden gem experiences that you may not know about. Did you know you can enjoy a meal with a Disney Imagineer, mark a milestone like your child’s first haircut, and learn to draw a Disney character in a certain Disney World resort? We’ll tell you how you can do all three of those things… AND 16 more in our latest DFB YouTube video!

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So check out the video and then let us know: what’s your favorite lesser known experience or tip when it comes to visiting Disney World? 


  1. Essie says

    Great video, AJ! I’ve gone horseback riding in WDW and although you can’t gallop or even canter, it was fun and interesting for horse and nature lovers.

  2. Tim Johansen says

    Fun Video AJ! I always get a haircut on main street with my son, has always been a fun thing to do. They would only take walk ups until a few years ago. Reservations can be made at (407) 939-7529 up to 90 days in advance.

  3. suzi says

    Just a quick note. While you can’t make an appointment for a regular hair cut you can make an appointment for a baby’s first haircut!

  4. Jenny says

    Great video! I’m not seeing how you go about ordering the Sprinkles cupcakes to be in your room when you arrive. I checked the Sprinkles website but didn’t see it as an option. Can I get more info? Thanks!

  5. DFB Sarah says

    Jenny, there are two ways to order Sprinkles for delivery. You can go to Sprinkles.com and click “Order Now”, then fill out all the requisite information. But a more direct way would be to call the shop directly ((407) 560-9192). Hope this helps!

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