DFB Video: Food Tour of Epcot’s Morocco

Hope you’re having a great weekend! We’re back with another DFB Video this weekend, and we’re taking you on a food tour of Epcot’s beautiful Morocco Pavilion!

Morocco Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

It’s no secret that the Morocco Pavilion is one of the most gorgeous and immersive Pavilions in Epcot’s World Showcase. What does tend to remain more of a mystery to many guests is this Pavilion’s food options. So we’d love to take you on a tour and show you some of the terrific and tasty options including one of the top Counter Service restaurants in Disney World.

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s your favorite thing to eat in Epcot’s Morocco? 


  1. Essie says

    I like this pavilion for its beauty. The glass tile work and mosaics are so so aesthetic that its almost overwhelming and often very peaceful. Someday I may get brave and try a meal hwre

  2. Bernard Bolanowski says

    My wife (Debbie) and I are already subscribers and we wan to say thanks. The information is fantastic. We did our honeymoon in Disney a 35 years ago (1982), bought season passes and went 3 times (Including the Chefs table at Victoria and Albert).
    We have rediscovered Disney for both the rides and the food. We did our first food and wine fest and definitely will be returning.
    Specific to your tour of Morocco – we agree. It is a hidden gem. When we stay for a week, we always incorporate a lunch in Marrakesh every time. The food is spectacular and the shows are fun.
    Again, thanks so much for you videos – we love them.

  3. says

    The food here is really good, and there is hardly ever a wait, for either Tangerine Cafe or Restaurant Marrakesh. They even have a band and belly dancing at the Restaurant Marrakesh at selected times and little kids can go up and dance too.

  4. Dave says

    Love Morocco pavilion. My one daughter and I eat lunch at Tangerine cafe every visit. Love the chic/lamb platter with all the sides and enjoyed a moroccan beer this trip with dining plan. Love the baklava and frozen drinks too. Its not as exotic and spicy as you think people. Immerse yourself in some exotic culture, surroundings , and great food!

  5. Mark says

    All the restaurants in Morocco are excellent. Go for it Essie. This was the first place we ever had couscous over 30 years ago.

  6. MissBianca says

    A beautiful, timeless pavilion. North Africa is experienced in dealing with hot weather and no matter how hot WDW has gotten while we are there, even the parts of Morocco which aren’t air conditioned are comfortable. There’s a “perfect photo op” tiled fountain in the back next to the door to Restaurant Marrakesh. Tangierine Cafe (not named after the fruit, although I don’t know, maybe tangerines were named after Tangiers?) … anyway Tangierine Cafe is our number 1 favorite counter service at WDW; often where we go our first evening. The lamb shawarma, just try it. It melts in the mouth and oh yum, now I’ve got to go back. This lamb shawarma is the one to which all others are measured, and I don’t say that about many foods at WDW. One lamb or combo platter with hummus, tabouleh, pita, and another salad easily feeds two, particularly if you plan to get ice cream or a pastry next door at France.

  7. Kimberly says

    MissBianca is right, tangerines were named after the city, but the cafe is spelled Tangierine. The copy editor in me cringes when people skip that “i.” Anyway, I love all the Morocco restaurants, especially Spice Road Table. The tuna steak is wonderful, as is the mixed grill, and the vegetable platter is yummy. I liked it better when it had actual hummus instead of hummus fries, but the babaganoush, grape leaves and couscous are great. For those who are afraid to eat at Morocco, I do feel sorry for you because you’re missing out, but that means less of a line for me! But seriously, the main difference is a few spices that some Americans aren’t used to eating, but they’re delicious. Nothing to be afraid of here.

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