DFB Video: How to Survive Disney World Weather (and Hurricane Season)

Hey Guys! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re sharing some tips on surviving the weather in Disney World!

Rainy day Duffy

Rainy day Duffy

Walt Disney World is truly magical. But sometimes the weather just… isn’t. Because the Sunshine State isn’t just sun-shiny. It can also be humid, rainy, and — believe it or not — even cold depending on when you visit. And what about the possibility of a hurricane? We’re talking through all these scenarios, and giving you some tips on how you can be prepared for just about anything weather-wise in Orlando!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s your top tip for keeping cool (or warm, or dry!) in Disney World? 


  1. Frank says

    Disney’s Hurricane preparedness is terrific. I’ve spent 3 or more there. I’ve lost actual count.
    Latest being Irma this past Sept.
    I once heard someone say, “even the hurricanes are Magical at Disney!!!”
    They may have a point!!!
    Bravo Disney!!!

  2. Rob S says

    Hi AJ,

    I wanted to let you and your subscribers know how my family and I had a unique way we “survived” Hurricane Irma this past year at Disney.

    We were staying at the Boardwalk Villas when Irma decided she wanted to see WDW. It was going to be in the exact middle of our trip. We knew we needed to be prepared for the park being closed. We were going to lose some of our ADRs and park time.

    So, the day before Irma put on her Mickey Ears, I first went downstairs to The Screen Door General Store and got some breakfast-y things (cereal, milk, etc.). Then, my family and I changed our park schedule and went over to EPCOT.

    Here’s the cool part.

    I took all the Ziploc bags we had brought from home and took them to the park with me. Then I went into one of the gift shops and asked for a large bag (which they happily obliged).

    Now, Irma made her WDW reservations during the Food & Wine Festival just like we did. So, with Ziplocs in hand, we went around to all the kiosks and purchased all the food that interested us. Each time we bought something, I asked the Cast Member working the kiosk if I could also get an empty “boat” (the cardboard container the food comes in) I took the empty one and covered the food filled one, put it into a Ziploc and put that in my gift bag.

    After an hour or so, I walked back to our room with a large gift bag full of Ziplocs which were full of food. They went into our room fridge and we went back out to enjoy the virtually empty park.

    The next two days, with the parks closed, we had our own in-room Food & Wine Festival/free Disney movie marathon.

    As strange as it is to say, staying at Disney during a hurricane was an amazing experience! It is definitely one of the more memorable trips I have ever had!

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