No More Citrus Swirl in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. See What’s There Instead…

UPDATE: Even MORE news about the Citrus Swirl in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom here! The original is back!

Every good thing must come to an end? I guess that’s Disney’s philosophy! We’ve got some changes about the beloved Citrus Swirl in the Magic Kingdom to report…and not all of us will be happy.

Citrus Swirl Float at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Disney World

Citrus Swirl Float at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Disney World

In Magic Kingdom today we noticed a change on the Sunshine Tree Terrace menu — instead of Citrus Swirl, the iconic park snack was now listed as “Orange Swirl.”

New Orange Swirl on Menu at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom

New Orange Swirl on Menu at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom

Upon further investigation, we found out that the formula for the Swirl has indeed changed. The original formula for Citrus Swirl when it arrived in the park — and the recipe that’s been used since 2012 when the original formula returned to Magic Kingdom after a hiatus — was basically frozen orange juice swirled with vanilla soft serve.

New Orange Swirl is Replacing Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace

New Orange Swirl is Replacing Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace

Now, the formula is straight up orange Dole Whip soft serve and vanilla Dole Whip soft serve — just like it was pre-2012, which is when the original formula came back.

Orange Dole Whip Mix Used in Orange Swirl Now

Orange Dole Whip Mix Used in Orange Swirl Now

So, alas, the Citrus Swirl as we know it and love it is, in fact, gone. Now it’s just orange and vanilla soft serve. The tartness of that frozen orange juice has given way to the sweetness of the soft serve.

And that’s, in fact, what we heard from the awesome cast member we spoke to was the goal. Disney wanted a sweeter formulation versus that lovely super-tart option (and, of course, my beloved just-the-citrus version of the former treat, which was all-orange-juice-all-the-time). And it is, indeed, much sweeter.

New Orange Swirl Float with Fanta Orange Soda

New Orange Swirl Float with Fanta Orange Soda

I’m sorry to break the news folks. This is a hard pill to swallow for us here at DFB, but let me know what YOU think! Not everyone loved the Citrus Swirl, so let us know if you’re excited for the Orange swirl!

And just FYI, if you order the orange soft serve alone (sans vanilla), it’s a vegan and gluten-free snack just like pineapple dole whip over at Aloha Isle.

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If you want to take one more peek at the original Citrus Swirl, check out our video here!

What do you think about the new Orange Swirl? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Dawnh16 says

    I can’t believe they went back to that atrocious imposter. So disappointing :( No more swirl for me. Ugh, bad move, Disney.

  2. Dave says

    AJ this is a major joke of a call by Disney. Not only do people love the flavor, I loved it because it stayed frozen longer and held the cone together and was real fruit juice and not a pure mix soft serve! Now we are going to have to inhale it before its all over our hands melting. Frozen orange juice is what made it unique, now its just a dual soft serve. Its what separated itself from a Dole whip, which is what they are most likely comparing it to, just go to a mix and save money vs freezing orange juice. SAD

  3. Nicole H. says

    NO. NO NO. NOOOOOOOO! This is an atrocity. I love Citrus Swirls, NOT creamsicle swirls. I can’t believe they did this. Guess I can cross this off my list for our upcoming trip :(

  4. Katie says

    This is super disappointing:( I’m going to be visiting WDW with my family for the very first time later this year and I was so excited to try the LEGENDARY CITRUS SWIRL!!! This new version is not something I am even a tiny bit excited about.

  5. Dawn says

    This actually breaks my heart! It’s more nostalgic than anything and was my Papa’s absolute favorite thing to get when we would all arrive in the Magic Kingdom. I don’t think there wasn’t a trip that went by where we didn’t have a photograph of him with a citrus swirl in his hand and a spoon in his mouth! Now, with him being no longer with us, we have carried on the tradition with our children but now, it’s gone. Very sad day.

  6. says

    Sometimes even us “purists” need to stop. This looks better and yes will taste better. And the orange will stand alone better and it is vegan friendly. I love both but a majority will prefer the new one…just a fact.

  7. tina dotson says

    This is a travesty! I, too, loved the sweet and tart mix. Won’t be trying this one… I can get that lots of places. :(

  8. Eric TenEyck says

    Once again Disney does away with something I have loved. This is a greedy cost saving issue pure and simple. Real orange juice is expensive and the fake orange flavored pseudo ice cream is pennies a serving. The Citrus Swirl is to popular to to just discontinue so they make this change and hope we will continue to buy it. I, for one, will not be doing that.
    Major fail, Disney!

  9. Elaine says

    NOOOO! I will miss the sweet/tart flavor! You can get sweeter straight up soft serve anywhere :(

  10. Beth says

    Noooooooo! That was my go-to treat at Magic Kingdom!! Like other folks, I LIKED that it was tart and not sweet – that made it refreshing on hot Orlando days! I will surely miss this formula and hope that they bring back the frozen OJ version….

  11. Linda says

    I’m looking forward to the new version. The orange juice version was too tangy for me.

  12. Shannon says

    I have a question. It says if you order it without the vanilla it’s vegan and gluten free. I have a celiac so gluten is my concern. Is there a gluten containing ingredient in the vanilla?

  13. Essie says

    I’d like to try it with orange soda, which I’ve always found refreshing. I had a citrus cone once and got sick. I love orange, but frozen orange juice never agrees with my system!

  14. Donna says

    Seriously? It was aweful last time around. I guess high fructose corn syrup is cheaper than actual fruit juice. Disgraceful in Florida.

  15. Janet says

    This is terrible news. My husband and I are 50-year-old life-long Floridians who go to WDW several times every year, and this is our favorite treat! We like Dole Whip, but we LOVE Citrus Swirl. Heartbreak!

  16. says

    Another huge mistake by Disney–add that to no nighttime parade at the Magic Kingdom. Hopefully if there are enough complaints Disney will change back or if sales go down.

  17. Darlene says

    Sigh. Do tbey have nothing to do in the Creative department but get rid of time-honored and beloved food and attractions??? A HUGE Noooooooooo on this.

  18. Kristine says

    This is my favorite snack. Im so sad. I wont even waste my time trying the new version.I can get orange and vanilla soft serve at home. Nothing special about it.

  19. Karen says

    Isn’t this what they did with the Pineapple dole whip – I’m sure years ago you could get a swirl and it was more of a pineapple sorbet with vanilla soft serve?? Shame.

  20. Joshua says

    As bad as adding this line in Return of the Jedi Special Edition….noooooooooooooooooooooo

  21. Sandi says

    Oh no, I am so sad they got rid of the Citrus swirl! We all loved it so much. It was one of our favoritest treats in the Magic Kingdom!

  22. Teri says

    I know I’m likely alone, but I’m glad. I didn’t like it with the OJ swirl. textures didn’t match and it was a pucker. I liked it before when it was the creamsicle flavor. I can’t wait for August

  23. Jon says

    This is awful news
    I just made my first trip to wdw and citrus swirl was my favorite snack
    It was a fantastic mix of sweet and sharp
    So much better than the overly sweet dole whip
    I told so many friends about it
    Why does everything have to be overly sweet
    Very sad to hear this news

  24. Lorraine P says

    D’ya think it would have killed them to serve both? Citrus for those who like it tart and orange for those who want it sweet? They offer Coke AND Diet Coke, don’t they7?

  25. Holly says

    I had it today, not knowing it had changed, and I was so disappointed. It was nothing special at all and tasted like bland orange sherbet. I miss the contrast of the tart OJ with soft serve.

  26. Paula says

    We had the Citrus Swirl Float on our last trip Sept 2017 because the line up for Dole Whips was too long and we had an ADR at The Wave to get to.

    I love the creamsicle taste of a Citrus Swirl so I thought a Float would be even better. Unfortunately, frozen concentrated OJ mixed with fluorescent carbonated orange soda is not a good mix in my opinion. The colours didn’t match and the taste was just bizarre. Not a fan.

    Maybe the change to Orange Swirl will make the float version make more sense. I don’t plan on trying it regardless.

  27. Kate says

    We have a family of non soda drinkers. We Will be going without. Did you ever stop to think there are millions who do not like ingesting tons of sugar?

    I’m with the writer above. Give us both!

  28. Sha says

    Booo! This was my favorite between citrus swirl and dole whip. I mean for goodness sake, we just got Orange Bird back after a long hiatus, now we can’t even get the Florida special orange juice. I mean at the rest stop just inside the border they serve O.J. . This was a bad idea Disney!

  29. Karen says

    This is the WORST!!! The real reason is that the orange Dole Whip is probably cheaper. This sucks…

  30. Andrew says

    NOOOOO!! I am so devastated – and with no warning! I bet too many people complained about the tartness of the OJ, so they changed it. I wish it was still an available option, instead of just destroying it altogether. Citrus Swirl was my all-time favorite (frozen) snack at Walt Disney World. Orange Bird would be very upset.

  31. Natalie says

    This is a travesty! My family has been getting this treat since I was a toddler. We just had one in February on our way to Pirates! The cheapening of everything continues…

  32. Connie says

    I’m verklempt! Couldn’t they at least until after my trip this week to make this ridiculous change?

  33. Georgina says

    NOooooo! I had citrus swirl last month and loved it. It had a grapefruit flavor to me. Sooo good. Nothing special about this new formula. No thank you Disney.

  34. says

    Us “purists” always hate change but come on. The new one will be more popular and look brighter and better. I love them both but Disney has to please the masses.

  35. DFB Sarah says

    Shannon, you’ll want to check with the cast members to be sure. They will have a binder with all of the ingredients. :)

  36. Andrew says

    So, I just had the new Orange Swirl today. The orange section had just a little tart/tangy to it, but it was definitely much more creamsicle now. I would actually get it again (I simply do not care for Dole Whip), but I sure will miss my Citrus Swirls! :(

  37. Eric says

    Another kick in the gut from the Disney penny counters. The Citrus Swirl was in my top 3 snack list. It was something unique, a tart/sweet refreshing bit of goodness that is totally different from what they are replacing it with.
    Thanks Disney, we can’t afford a WDW trip right now and your making it easier to deal with.

  38. Eric says

    No, to those of us who loved the Citrus Swirl the new one will NOT taste better! The new one is fake orange flavored ice cream, the old one was real orange juice.

  39. says

    Why change a good recipe?

    Maybe the new sweeter stuff will appeal more to the masses, but it will turn off many enthusiasts.

    I guess they’ve calculated profit potential for both options and change came out ahead.

    It’s just sad that an appreciated flavor is now lost for good! :(

  40. tonibutton says

    I am looking for the frozen pineapple cup. Where is that? It was so refreshing. I remember having one during a parade at Animal Kingdom. So Cool!

  41. Diane says

    The REAL Orange juice was the whole point? The history of the Citrus swirl goes back to the Florida Orange growers sponsorship. Why dont we just get rid of Orange Bird too? Farewell, my favorite Adventureland snack. Dole Whip just doesn’t cut it. Sorry wan’t a fan before 2012, will not be a fan now. I’ll miss the tartness. Sigh.

  42. says

    I’m so upset. Citrus swirl was my absolute favorite treat. I loved the uniqueness of the tart orange and sweet vanilla. I don’t know why they didn’t just add this back at Aloha Isle and leave Citrus Swirl alone – I know a lot of people liked the pineapple/orange swirl.

  43. Mike says

    While I do not know the actual sugar disposition, I have to assume this is another move toward HFCS use thus increasing the sugar/carbs with no concern to those with diabetes. Disney’s lack of good, healthy dining options for diabetics is appalling to begin with, and now they go and make the situation worse.

  44. Julie says

    I’ll be boycotting this change. I love the Citrus Swirl. I do not like the Dole Whip & I didn’t like it when they changed it a long time ago. Sorry to see the change. I guess I’ll have to find another “go-to” snack at the Magic Kingdom.

  45. Lisa R says

    Count me too among the disappointed masses. I so preferred the Citrus Swirl to the Dole Whip as it was a fond memory of my Disney trips as a kid. I may try the new one just to see what it tastes like but not expecting too much.

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