DFB Video: How to OUTSMART the Crowds in Disney World

Hey, friends! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re giving you the best tips on how to OUTSMART the crowds in Disney World!

Pandora's Opening Week Lines in Animal Kingdom

Pandora’s Opening Week Lines in Animal Kingdom

Disney World is full of magic, fun attractions, great places to eat, super fun Resorts and… plenty of people ;) ! So today we’re hoping to help you navigate through the crowds so you can make the most of your riding, shopping, and dining time! Our tips include some things you can take care of in advance as well as tips for when you’re in the parks. So be sure to store up some energy to help you get through those crowds while watching our latest DFB YouTube video!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s your best tip for outsmarting the crowds in Disney World? 


  1. Marc says

    Here’s a helpful hint for quick service dining — use the My Disney Experience app and order food. It saves a ton of time from waiting in lines! (Two quick examples — forgot to order a dessert at Columbia Harbour House and did it through the app, savings at least ten minutes; wanted a Dole Whip and saved at least fifteen minutes because I didn’t wait in the order line.)

  2. Emily says

    One of my favorite visits my cousin and I took full advantage of the Extra Magic Hours at Hollywood Studios: we went specifically to ride TOT and RR and rode each one three times (bouncing back and forth.) The rest of our group who were too young, too pregnant, or not interested went back to the hotel, but we scraped up enough energy and ended up having a blast.

  3. dave says

    I found at Fantasmic, since most people exit the show from theater and leave the park, is to get up and start walking up the steps when the final boat comes around carrying the characters. Its about 23-24 mins into show so watch the last few mins from up top at the exit and make a B line for busses. Otherwise if your up front in VIP and wait til the end you basically have to deal with up to 7000 people in mass exodus fighting for all those busses to get back to resorts. NOT FUN!

  4. Bill says

    AnotherFastpass Tip: Don’t use them before 1pm. In the morning the lines are shorter and you don’t want to waste a Fastpass during times of shorter lines. Save them for the afternoon and evening. Remember a lot of rides at night are a different experience than during the day. The lines are usually longer, so use Fastpass to maximize your experience.

  5. Virginia Rother says

    Take note when various quick service and even food carts close. I’ve run into trouble trying to find a snack in the last hours of the night. It’s not too surprising that castmembers want/need to clean up before they can go home.

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