No More Free Parking for Disney World Resort Guests?!?

Effective for reservations made starting March 21, 2018, registered guests at Disney World Resort hotels will be charged a nightly fee for self-parking.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

The parking fee will be added to the guest’s hotel folio upon checkout. Rates will vary based on Resort type, as follows:

Value Resorts: $13 per night
Moderate Resorts: $19 per night
Deluxe Resorts: $24 per night

Tax is included for all prices above.

Complimentary standard parking is included for guests staying at the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, with space for one motorized vehicle.

Additionally, valet parking will increase to $33 per night at Deluxe Resorts and Villas.

Disney Vacation Club Members won’t be charged for overnight self-parking when staying at a DVC Deluxe Villa (regardless of whether or not they use vacation points to reserve their stay). Nor will members be charged when using vacation points to stay at a Disney Resort hotel.

Now, how will this change affect guests hoping to dine, shop, or enjoy entertainment or recreation at a Disney Resort? At this time, “Day Guests” (those not staying overnight at the Resort) will still be able to self-park without a fee (space permitting, presumably).

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What are your thoughts on these changes to Resort parking? Please let us know your thoughts with a comment!


  1. Sylvia says

    Shame on Disney, the exorbitant prices the deluxe resort charges presently are way over the top! They keep raising the park ticket prices,! Now they want to nickel & dime you for parking?!?! Should we expect a fee for the monorail, boats & buses as well!!!!

  2. Janice says

    Shameful that additional charges will be forced upon hotel guests. Daily room charges are already too high. Walt wanted families to enjoy his dream.

  3. says

    Very disappointed in Disney charging for parking. This will be our last trip to take the Grands. Disney is wonderful but not the only “rodeo” in town. There are other places we all enjoy that doesn’t nickel and dime us on every little thing.
    If this charge is due to people driving to resorts parking and taking Disney transportation to the parks then you are penalizing the wrong people.

  4. Ann says

    I know we definitely will not be returning to Disney. These CEO’s just keep getting greedier. I refuse ti fill their pockets when they can’t even pay their employees a decent salery!!!! A resort or a cruise would be much more economic than Disney! I am certain WALT is turning over in his grave.

  5. Mary says

    Next Disney will stop allowing annual pass holders to park free when visiting the parks!!! Will definitely think about vacationing elsewhere.

  6. Eva English says

    Enough. We have a trip planned for this summer and it might be the last for quite some time. Corporate greed.

  7. Vicki B says

    Will re-think where I will spend my vacation dollars. Adding nightly parking fees to already very expensive room costs is horrible.

  8. Randy Barker says

    Until we all stand together and tell Disney and Universal enough is enough just for one year stop going and maybe it will hurt them! I love Disney and Universal But we all keep paying the higher prices. I have been coming for close to 30 years now. wish i could have afforded the DVC back then! But I couldn’t afford a second mortgage when i was paying for my house at the time . Very sad that Disney and Universal are so GREEDY. for doing this!! Whats next hmm it will be the MAGICAL EXPRESS and then you will be paying for fast passes if Disney has its way!!

  9. Carrol says

    This does not surprise me. I’ve been to Disney at least 35 times, at least once a year. My last three trips I started making lists of all the changes I am not happy with. I recently retired and planned on buying annual passes and going a few times a year. Disney is getting too expensive and I will not be going back in the near future. Poor Walt is probably turning over in his grave.

  10. Keith says

    Total disgrace charging for parking. I will stay off property now and Disney can shove their resorts where the sun does not shine!

  11. says

    My Wife and I have been staying at Port Orleans Riverside twice a year for several years now. Each trip (spring and fall) we spend seven days. I don’t see how we can continue this tradition as Disney is pricing us out of vacationing at WDW. We are debating if going to the beach for vacation might be a better choice for our trips

  12. Jane says

    I am so disappointed in Disney. We love going to Disney World but when is enough enough already?
    Soon the only way you will be able to go to Disney is if you are rich. I think it is very shameful what they
    are doing, but I really don’t think Disney really cares what people think.

  13. Gina says

    This is so sad to hear, Disney is making it nearly impossible to even take a Disney vacation anymore, or go into debt doing it . As a single mom these vacations we’re our most looked forward to memorable vacations, now Its become so expensive it’s impossible to even save to go.

  14. Andrea says

    Completely ridiculous! Our passes expire this fall and we won’t be renewing. Every year it’s more and more money and now this. How can the average family afford to even go anymore? Isn’t that what the parks were initially geared towards? Such a shame.

  15. Stephen Keane says

    This is my second comment I think Walt Disney would turn in his grave if he knew how his company was being run now, Walt Disney World Companies getting to be just like the government just want to keep taking and taking and taking from people .there’s no reason you have to charge as much as you do I guess you’re not happy about a million dollars you got to have a hundred million dollars when is enough enough for you money hungry people it’s getting to be only for the rich ,how much more money do you people need to make.

  16. says

    I’m not sure why Disney is charging the guest for parking. It’s very sad. I wish they would validate why they are charging. I’m the next thing they will charge for is the free shuttles to and from the airport. I believe I read that they are charging people who are taking the Disney cruises that leave from Orlando already. I’m surprise they haven’t started with to and from the airport to the hotels. They are going to get you one way or another. It’s really a shame. It’s starting to not be the happiest place on the earth. It’d be nice if we could boycott Disney.

  17. Beverly Seabolt says

    Once again Disney never gives those of us who continuely pour our money into the parks a break . I’ll stop promoting my DVC membership as a great way to enjoy their properties. May dump it altogether !!

  18. Missy says

    I think this new charge is outrageous!! First, the parks’ parking charge increases, then the ticket prices increase, then the restaurant prices increase ( way too much for a family to enjoy) and now this new hotel parking increase is outrageous.

    Promises of more great attractions to come will not induce guests to visit if they cannot afford to pay all
    the “additional charges” plus hotel plus tickets and food. Walt Disney wanted a place for families to enjoy
    being together but the average family is now being priced-out of this opportunity !

  19. says

    I think this is awful. We stopped staying at resorts when visiting Universal Studios because of their outrageous parking fees and now to hear that Disney is going to do the same thing is awful. Since you only mention DVC members will still park free for the night, that if you’re an Annual Passholder you will still need to pay to park for the night even though we get free parking at the theme parks? I agree with another comment, “Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave”. His dream was to have a park for all families to enjoy. The new people in charge just keep increasing the prices so the average family is unable to afford to vacation at Disney, especially now that you may have to spend $24.00 per night to park at a Deluxe Hotel, or even $13.00 per night at a value hotel. This kinda makes the value hotel no so much a value any longer.

  20. says

    My husband and me have been coming to Disney world over 35years and have always loved Disney and think it is unthinkable that Disney world now want to charge th park car for staying there and there b a lot of people who will not go there any more u t shutting out people and that is so unfair Walt Disney wanted it to b enjoyed by all shame on u and he would b ashamed of it too !!!!!!!!!!!!u r disgraceing his memory

  21. David Anderson says

    I think this is so shameful of Disney! I’m an annual pass holder and go to the parks almost every month of the year. I stay at one of the hotel s on Disney property at least six months during the year. Anywhere from 2 to 5 nights each time. I will be rethinking staying on the Disney property in the future as well as renewing my annual pass .. Disney is making it so hard for the average person to go there anymore…..the crowds are getting worst then ever before so when you do go you aren’t able to do much because of the crowds. Now they want to charge you for parking you car at the overpriced hotels !!!! Shame on you Disney!!!!!!

  22. DR says

    Disgraceful!!! Another sad attempt by Disney to bleed your customers out of more money. Where does it stop? The hotel rooms are grossly overpriced, the parks are overcrowded , and the passholder benefits or lame at best. This is the final kick in the head that I needed to not renew my annual pass.

  23. Keith says

    Even the worst hotels don’t charge for parking. Shame on Disney. Becoming the most ” expensive place on earth” rather than the “happiest place on earth”. Disgraceful.

  24. Christine says

    I find this charge completely distasteful; you pay a premium to stay on resort and now parking too! What’s next, a fee for the Magical Express, pool entry, or pay-by-the minute shower fees? I better not give them any other ideas on how to soak their patrons. We don’t usually rent a car when we stay on resort; but this is a money grabber especially from those that live close enough to drive. I’ve been a huge Disney fan and travel there twice a year, but the nickel and diming over the past few years has tarnished their image even with me.

  25. says

    Disney just do ala carte with everything and get it over with. Just remember who helped you get you multi billion dollars ALL of your GUESTS so don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Who ever thought that Disney World would ever turn out where the average family who Walt Disney built his dream around would ever become the place where the average family could no longer afford.

  26. Ricky G says

    Resort rates are high enough and adding a parking fee is insulting. What’s next? A resort fee, internet fee, toilet flushing fee???

  27. Ron says

    This is a horrible idea. Disney is constantly trying to get people to stay on property. So it makes no sense to charge you to park there. Hey, come stay at our great hotel and you will love to stay here so much that you will pay us to park in our parking lot. Congrats Disney on a dumb idea.

  28. Shannon says

    Wow, parking costs now too. I spent my whole income tax on my upcoming disney trip and if the cost keeps rising (park tickets went up too) then I looks like this will be our last trip. I get park pricing going up to help pay for the expansions in the parks but come one now, parking should be included in the stay at the hotel, yall already raise the price of the rooms for busy times, y’all shoulda just kept it at that and not said anything about adding parking. Just add 10 dollars a night or something but now people are aware it’s a “parking “

  29. John Hoyt says

    I’m disappointed in WDW. What are they going to charge for next? The internal transportation. DISNEY advertises about the savings of staying on property, but then charges outrages fees for overnight parking. How do they expect the “average” American family of four to afford a one week stay. With park tickets over a hundred dollars $2,000 for 5 days family of four) a room or two depending on age and sex of children can easily cost an additional 2 to 4 Thousand dollars for a week. Then add food for a family of Four can easily add another $2to 3 hundred dollars per day.. we are now over $6000without adding parking $25 per night, souvaniers and other miscellaneous items We are now easily over $6500 dollars. Wa,lt Disney would be ashamed if he were still alive, to see what his dream has become.

  30. Brian Beggs says

    I think we need to start a campaign of complaining through every Disney contact available. If enough people do it, they will hear us. I’ve already started

  31. Erin Bennett says

    Disney is just not for middle class families anymore. We love Disney and have been going for years both Ca & Fl. Unfortunately we chose quality of life and moved to where you just don’t make as much. Can’t afford it anymore.

  32. Patty says

    It is truly sad that Disney feels the need to charge their overnight guests to park. None of the hotels are cheap. At all. It is much cheaper to stay off site or even go try other travel destinations. The free parking was one more reason to save and stay at a Disney property. Time for families to maybe boycott Disney so they can truly go back to becoming a family vacation destination and not be all about the money. Walt Disney wanted everyone to enjoy his dream. Not just the wealthy. The BUSINESS OF DISNEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED

  33. Linda says

    I wholeheartedly agree with the above comments, shame on the greedy Disney corporation.
    I’m an annual passholder who likes to stay on property for special occasions, that is over.
    I’ll spend my money somewhere else.

  34. David says

    As a regular visitor from the UK, who like most from UK, stay for 14 nights this will add anything up to $336 to our vacation costs. I feel this is an incredibly disappointing move by Disney and suspect that it will make many UK visitors think twice before booking Disney accommodation.
    What will they charge for next?

  35. joanne dykes says

    Will have to really rethink if i want another yearly pass for the world. As a senior it is hard enoughy to find the money to go on a limited budget.

  36. Norman Kane says

    Have two reservations already for April and May,, have been season passholders for years,,, with this latest rip off for hotel parking, my wife and I as pass holders and loving Disney is coming to an end. They are so out of touch with costs, We will no longer renew our annual passes and Disney will become a thing of the past for us.

  37. Frances says

    This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing that the Disney company has come up with. I am not at all happy with the way things are being done at the World.


  38. Greg says

    We have enjoyed staying at Disney hotels for the convenience and experience. The parking fee is an insult and shows people – your love may be misguided. I am disappointed and wonder what Walt would think.

  39. says

    Once you push us over the limit, we are done with you forever. Disney has now done that. We’ve spent lots of dollars there in the past, but not one dime more will they get from us.

  40. says

    This is the second time that I have sent a comment we r annual pass holders and now wonder what r the perks anymore to have one we have actually been to Disney over one hundred times and live out of state and what Disney is doing is unfair to people u r shutting out people that want to come there u forget all the people that helped Disney to get as big as they have some people promise their kids to go to Disney and then have to say I’m sorry we can’t go shame on u and u don’t have to charge the parking money b cause everyone else does it

  41. Paulette says

    Well I am sure I will not be going back to Disney , I really enjoyed myself when I went there I was like a kid again and would forget all my troubles but I really don’t think they should be charging guests for parking the cost of the room is enough! The food is expensive,the souvenirs are well over priced, tickets are over the moon, what else are they going to charge for the air we breathe down there???????

  42. Kelly D says

    This prompted me to write my first complaint letter to Disney in my 40 years of being a frequent park visitor. I have only used resort parking on two of over 40 visits, but this just felt like the straw that broke the camel’s back. For the first time ever, I listed out the numerous changes that have been contributing to my growing distaste for Disney World and my eroding satisfaction in my vacations there. It was disturbing to see how many valid complaints came tumbling out at once. I’ve always taken great joy in my love for WDW – my first trip was with my mom, grandmother and great-grandmother at 6 months of age. It may be time for me to move on and spend my hard-earned money in a more rewarding fashion.

  43. Linda says

    We’ve been going to WDW 1-2 times per year for the past 21 years. Aside from the addition of Animal Kingdom, I don’t feel that there has been much improvement in all those years. They’ve added cheap rides compared to what Walt used to create. For example: Winnie the Pooh at MK has cardboard cutouts through most of the ride. The old rides just get a new coat of paint every now and then. You would think that with all the technology now, the “imagineers” could do a better job.

    The price of the rooms is insane. I’ve opted to stay at a value resort and then go to my favorite resort for just a few days instead of staying at my favorite resort the whole time. Getting hauled around like cattle on those overloaded, wait forever on, buses is no enjoyable experience. They should have had a new system in place 10 years ago… Walt would have had better transportation 20 years ago.

    The food at any park or resort is just something to tolerate while at the park. They have made every effort to raise the price of a meal and give you cheap fried fast food, or frozen food. I paid $25 for a chicken sandwich, green beans, and a coke at the Plaza on Main St. last year…. seriously.. a lousy sandwich and a coke $25?

    They’re just seeing how far they can push us. They figure if we will pay it, they will take it. I am disgusted with the whole place. I hesitantly made reservations for May. We already cut back on eating at restaurants and are opting for some fast food instead. A few years ago we had dinning reservations for everyday. But, the food isn’t that good, why spend the time and money? Now the parks haven’t improved (we skip the roller coasters and the spinning rides… woo hoo they have an extra Dumbo ride in MK) , the lines are atrocious. Oh, they also get those big tour groups that will plow you down as you try to relax and enjoy a vacation. Maybe that’s who they want to cater to now. Maybe we should all stay home and let them have it their way.

  44. says

    Not everyone can ride the Snow White roller coaster that u took out the original great one it looks like instead of it being the wonderful Disney it seems more like an amusement park that isn’t what Walt Disney created the way ur going u will wipe out what was created by this wonderful man and when u change too much u will eliminate a lot of people from coming there and I don’t think u even care and don’t even have warm caring hearts shame on u Walt Disney created this for ALL to enjoy and not just for certain people

  45. says

    This is my fourth comment how can a family bring their kids when keep finding ways to justify to raise prices on every thing and now these resort parking fees the eatery’s prices r so over priced it looks like u want to hit us with u the spending on the projects u r doing ad u need to also Bring back spetro magic which is an magical night parade and quit Removing everything that is origanal some change is ok but not ok when u take out so much of what is the real magic kingdom and make it into a stupid amusepark ride that is Every where else that is not this wonderful caring man did for us do not disgrace his memory like that and remember not everyone can afford what u have been doing u r knocking out people from being able to come there and it seems like u don’t even care how heartless of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Linda says

    Very sad that Disney needs to charge guests for parking at a hotel on property when guests already pay the price to stay on property. Sad sad sad. What it is coming to? And why are they charging Annual Passholders ? I will think twice about renewing our annual passes for 2019.

  47. Bob says

    Our family has loved WDW for the past 20 but this is finally the straw that has broken this camel’s back. I have also sent an email to to tell them good bye and the reason we are parting ways. The only thing they will ever listen to is declining attendance and I will do my part with that.

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