Cookie Sundae is BACK…but, Different…at Storybook Treats in Disney World

Storybook Treats at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is the place to go for ice cream in Fantasyland. Located adjacent to Friar’s Nook — where you can currently find Loaded Tots! — Storybook Treats serves up hot fudge sundaes, strawberry sundaes, and floats to guests looking for cool snack.

Storybook Treats

Storybook Treats

We wanted to try the Cookie Sundae because #cookies and #icecream. AND because we used to LOVE this one when it was served back in the day (I’d hack it and get caramel and hot fudge sauce on it, too!).

The new basic Cookie Sundae here is… not really a sundae in its simplest form; it doesn’t come with hot fudge by default, which is a little odd. But the cast member who served ours asked if we wanted hot fudge, so definitely speak up if it’s a must for you.

Storybook Treats Cookie Sundae

Storybook Treats Cookie Sundae

The Cookie Sundae is a swirl of vanilla soft serve (request chocolate or chocolate/vanilla twist if you prefer!) with a chocolate chip cookie broken into two pieces, and some whipped cream. If you happen to stop at Storybook Treats during a holiday season (Halloween, Christmas, or Independence Day for sure), you will also receive seasonal sprinkles.

Storybook Treats Cookie Sundae

Storybook Treats Cookie Sundae

The Cookie Sundae is classic — who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies and ice cream? But without the hot fudge, it’s kind of one-note. And at $5.49 or a DDP snack credit, it’s not a super value. (Add the hot fudge and it’s a little better, value-wise.)

Storybook Treats' Cookie Sundae

Storybook Treats’ Cookie Sundae

In fact, if you’re looking to maximize your snack credits, we recommend getting an Ice Cream Sandwich elsewhere.

Ice cream nestled between two homemade cookies

Ice cream nestled between two homemade cookies

With the Sandwich at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor or Sleepy Hollow, you get two of the cookies and two huge scoops of ice cream. But if you prefer soft serve ice cream, Storybook Treats is the place for you. The Storybook Treats cookies are the same seemingly house-made ones you find in Ice Cream Sandwich locations.

Cookies at Storybook Treats

Cookie at Storybook Treats

Whether you opt for this Cookie Sundae or an Ice Cream Sandwich, you can’t go wrong with the combination. We love these chocolate chip cookies, with their rich butteriness and sweet chocolate chips. It’s a classic that never goes out of style!

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What is your go-to ice cream treat in the Disney Parks? Tell us about it below! 


  1. Essie says

    I love cookies combined with ice cream, too, but like you, it has to have toppings to be a sundae.

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