Gaston’s Tavern Now Serving Sandwiches “Roughly the Size of a Barge”

In yet another twist to the menu at Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland, Gaston has added some mammoth, meaty sandwiches to the offerings.

You may know that we have long bemoaned the loss of the Pork Shank, which was the Tavern’s signature item when New Fantasyland opened in 2012. Ever since that was removed from the menu, it’s felt like Gaston’s Tavern has lost its footing somewhat in figuring out what to serve (awesome Cinnamon Rollwith extra icing, please! — notwithstanding). Though they did have a decent Tavern Beef Stew for a spell, entree-style items have been largely absent from the menu here.

But for a place with such terrific atmosphere, we wanted more of a reason to linger in the setting in addition to the sweet snacks primarily featured on the menu. Yep, I call the atmosphere “terrific.” Because you know Gaston… he loves his compliments!

Gaston's Tavern -- Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland

Gaston’s Tavern — Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland

Plus, it truly is an awesome setting…

Gaston's Portrait and Fireplace

Gaston’s Portrait and Fireplace

Gaston's Chair

Gaston’s Chair

Anyway, these new sandwiches just may provide that excuse! First on the list is the new Ham, Brie, and Grain Mustard Sandwich served with chips. (And you’ll never hear me complain about Brie anywhere!)

Gaston's Tavern Menu

Gaston’s Tavern Food Menu

The other offering — also served with chips — is the Smoked Turkey, Swiss, and Cranberry Aioli Sandwich.

Sandwiches on the Menu

Sandwiches on the Menu

And you can choose, of course, to wash either of those down with a nice, cold LeFou’s Brew!

LeFou's Brew from Gaston's Tavern in Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland

LeFou’s Brew from Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland

So what do you think? Will these sandwiches tempt you to spend more time at Gaston’s Tavern? Do you think they’re just in the mix for Spring Break and then we’ll lose them?

P.S. I’m not anti the new sandwiches, myself… but please bring back the Pork Shank, Gaston!!!

Will you be trying one of the new sandwiches at Gaston’s Tavern? Please let us know with a comment!

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  1. Essie says

    I can’t wait to get there for a cinnamon roll. If I can’t get lunch ressies for BOG, I’d def enjoy a nice sandwich there. They sound good!

  2. Lisa says

    These sandwiches disappoint me. I can’t exactly put my finger on it because they look like nice sandwiches and nice things you would get in a french tavern. But I don’t know. Gaston’s Tavern was kind of a weird place to get hummus and pork shank. Like Writer’s Stop but had a Magic Kingdom vibe to Gaston’s.

  3. Dave says

    Definitely will try/split one next visit! Love cranberry aioli! Always looking for new additions and things to try!

  4. Kevin says

    I’m always up for a good sandwich and these 2 do look terrific. The good thing with sandwiches is there shouldn’t be any problem keeping them at Gaston’s. With Gaston’s being on the backside of fantasyland it doesn’t get the same traffic and sandwiches are definitely easier to keep tasting fresh compared to pork shanks.

  5. Ann says

    Hallelujah! I just pray that they are delicious. I really love a good cold sandwich for lunch (not a burger, not grilled chicken, not a salad)…and I’m still lamenting the loss of Starring Rolls Cafe sandwiches. I’m going in 9 days so I’ll be ready to try these!

  6. Amelia says

    That will be a must try on my next trip. My twin and I love to share things. Always looking for good food options. I like sit down table service but a lot of times now I don’t want to work around the constraints of reservations!

  7. Jen says

    They both sound good, but I absolutely hate mustard so I would have to leave that off the ham one.

  8. Kimberly says

    Turkey one sounds good (not a ham fan). At least there’s another decent MK sandwich option now that the Lighthouse Sandwich was stupidly removed from Columbia Harbour House. I’m still bitter about that one!

  9. Kim says

    I do love Fantasy Land,, but knowing how kids love Gaston and Belle,,,, what kind of kid friendly sandwich will they like,,, I mean… sure its great for us folks… but not likely any of these two sandwiches would a kid like ..disappointed they didn’t think,,,, but then again,,, perhaps this is a place only for us adult kids….. good to see they are trying something new I guess….

  10. Bill G says

    I had the ham/brie one. It was just OK. The bread was better than a supermarket roll but not at all like a french baguette. The brie, similarly, was passable but just “dairy section of your local supermarket” quality. Same for the ham — not bad but nothing great. They could certainly do much worse but they can really do much better too. I sure to miss the brie and ham sandwich at the French bakery!

  11. Debbie says

    Would you happen to know if they are able to make these sandwiches on a gluten free bread?

    Thank you

  12. Pam C. says

    I would like the ham & brie, but without the grainy mustard. For the other one, I’d prefer regular turkey instead of smoked turkey. Smoked turkey tastes like ham to me.

  13. DFB Sarah says

    Sam, Gaston’s does not accept the Disney Dining Plan for the sandwiches. This could change in the future.

  14. Robert S. says

    Boo. This won’t bring me back. Haven’t been to Gaston’s since 2015 and you all know why. Love the cinnamon rolls and the chocolate croissant, but there are other places to get them at WDW. I am maintaining my boycott of Gaston’s unless and until they bring back the pork shank.

  15. Laura says

    YES! I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THIS!! Magic Kingdom needs sandwich options like these. In preparation for my upcoming trip, I literally just scoured every quick service dining option, and snack cart, in the Magic Kingdom and this is the only place one can get a turkey or ham sandwich (without a reservation like at BOG)!!! THIS IS NEEDED in that park – and even if it’s not the worlds greatest turkey or ham sandwich, it will be very welcome to people like me who just REALLY want a quick service deli meat sandwich option. Great news!

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