Sweet Spells in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Closing This Month?!


We’ve just heard that Sweet Spells will be closing permanently later this month to make way for a Pixar merchandise location.


Sweet Spells in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sweet Spells in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sweet Spells has served traditional Disney park snacks such as Mickey-shaped Krispy TreatsCake PopsFudge, and more over the years. It’s one of the spots where you can see specialty Caramel Apples being decorated, and it added a line of Whoopie Pies unique to the location a couple of years ago.

Sweet Spells Oreo "Whoopie Pie"

Sweet Spells Oreo “Whoopie Pie”

And it also became the de facto home to a Hollywood Studios signature snack — the Carrot Cake Cookie — when its original home of Writer’s Stop was closed to make way for current spots like BaseLine Tap House as the park makes a huge transition with the addition of future Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land.

Carrot Cake Cookie at Sweet Spells

Carrot Cake Cookie at Sweet Spells

But don’t worry — you can still get the Carrot Cake Cookie at The Trolley Car Cafe (the park’s Starbucks location) on Hollywood Boulevard.

Carrot Cake Cookie at Trolley Car Cafe

Carrot Cake Cookie at Trolley Car Cafe

According to WDW Magic (usually a pretty reliable site), Sweet Spells will be closing on April 16, 2018, to be transformed into a store selling Pixar merchandise. The candy counter and production kitchen will be removed, and some fresh, non-packaged items will be available at counter service locations elsewhere in the park.

We’re hoping that more of our favorites get shuttled over to Trolley Car Cafe, as the Butterfinger Cupcake (aka Peanut Butter Crunch Cupcake) and Napoleon from Starring Rolls did. But nothing has been confirmed at this time.

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  1. Sarah says

    Wow, pretty surprising. I suppose the change to Pixar makes sense, but I don’t know of any other Disney park that doesn’t have a dedicated candy counter. Hopefully they’ll open something up in another location.

  2. Dawnh16 says

    Boo to this :( They need to replace it, not just scatter some of the snacks at various other locations. I love the Parks’ candy counters.

  3. Essie says

    This is very disturbing. I can’t believe that Disney heads won’t replace this at another spot in the par k. This is where I got and feel in love with my first caramel apple. This is the kind of store that people’s dreams are made of, where you stock up up on treats and snacks to take home for your self and others. The Villains must be loose!

  4. Julie says

    So sad! I loved the maple fudge from here..not easy to find at the candy shops in the parks. I’m very disappointed that DHS is slowly getting rid of all the movie things? This is what makes this park so unique,

  5. Dave says

    Like you mentioned, lost Writer’s Stop, lost Starring Rolls, now losing Sweet Spells, cmon! The nice part of having all these places was crowd dilution. Now Trolley Car will be packed out the door non-stop! Add a few things each maybe to other spots like Min and Bills/Dinosaur Gertie’s/Hollywood scoops/Joffreys? Poor carrot cake cookie has been moved more times…..

  6. DeadHeadMel says

    So disappointing. I really don’t like the continued combination of signature desserts being moved to Starbucks as the line is almost always long and not worth waiting just for a dessert. It would be nice if there could at least be a separate line for those not ordering coffee/speciality drinks.

  7. Courtney says

    When I first started reading this I was like omg what about the carrot cake cookie?!? I’m glad it’s found a new home, I know a lot of people would be pretty upset if it was discontinued.

  8. Liza says

    Very disappointing. Why wouldn’t they open the Pixar merchandise shop in toy story land?!?

  9. Jill D says

    When we were there in January the CM told us they were planned to close by February. Sad to see it go.

  10. Morgan says

    PLEASE make a new post when you find out where everything moved to! I’ve been basing a lot of my september trip off of your posts and i was really excited to try sweet spells for the whoopie pies and carrot cake sandwich.

  11. says

    Well I’ve always thought of going to Disney land and try their food. I’ve heard from my friends that Sweet Spells Oreo “Whoopie Pie” is a must to try. By reading your article i’m little disappointed but hoping that whenever i’ll be going there they might have other things planned.

  12. says

    Another merchant to sell more Disney stuff???!!! C’mon! This is getting ridiculous!!!! Too much marketing of the merchandise & NOT ENOUGH SUBSTANCE!!! The substance is the food, homemade food, made on property, NOT all this packaged crap!!! Disney Executive s get a clue!!!!

  13. Mike says

    Seeing things like this really make me upset with Disney Corporate, Replacements instead of Additions has been the method for all of the new Imagineering. SAD!

  14. Tina says

    The Studios has too many merchandise locations as it is. Why not change one of those to Pixar? I feel like Disney keeps sacrificing some of the cute, quirky spots in this park … Sci Fi and Prime Time Cafe next?

  15. Candice says

    We went to see the Easter Egg display at the Grand Floridian you talked about recently and they were marvelous!!! We often eat at the Grand Floridian Café, as we live here, and decided to do the same when seeing the eggs. The display of eggs is open until this Monday, April 9th, as it states on the placard accompanying the eggs and not the date stated on this blog, which I believe was the 10th. Go see them if you can. Just wonderful. And for all you passholders, there’s a 20% discount at a real cute shop next to the tearoom, which is also a place not to be missed at the Grand Floridian.

  16. Roz says

    Just one more GRAND MISTAKE by Disney. Who are the idiots making all these awful decisions !!! Pixar Merchandise !!! Who can afford any merchandise since everything has gone totally out of sight price wise !! I mean really, $35.00 for an $8.00 t-shirt.. Better wake up Disney……. people are not happy at all with the bad changes !!! I agree there should be additions but not discontinuing icons !!!!!! What do they think people come to Disney for !!!! Surely not for Pixar t-shirts !!!!!

  17. Mike says

    I hate to say this, but with all the poor decisions Disneyworld has made in the past few years, I’m growing tired and loosing interest! There, I said it.

  18. Pat Smith says

    I’m really bummed about this! The carrot cake cookie is one of my favorites in all the parks. Having said that, I don’t want to get in the huge and slow line at Starbucks just for the cookie (I would always get a coke with mine and I’m not sure if Starbucks will have cokes or not… ) Color me orange for disappointed!

  19. Tammy says

    No way I’m waiting in the “Starbucks” line for my carrotcake whoopie pie. This is another example of managements poor decisions.

  20. Tay says

    This is such upsetting news! I wasn’t even aware that Writer’s Stop had closed. What about their cheese danishes!? Do you know if those have been relocated?

  21. Stacey says

    I always plan our trips to end at MK or HS so I can bring home a caramel apple. I guess my only options now are MK or the Springs. The apples in Epcot-Germany and Animal Kingdom are just not the same. :(
    Please let us know if they pop up somewhere else in HS.

  22. Rebecca B says

    The Starbucks app has mobile ordering. Does anyone know if this works at the Disney locations like Trolley Car? If it does, this could be great news. Rather than waiting in line, I could mobile order my carrot cake cookie AND get starbucks rewards points. If they don’t allow mobile order at this location (again, through the Starbucks app, I’m not talking about MyDisneyExperience) then this could definitely be sad.

  23. says

    That was Our favorite Place to go after Fantasmic. It had the best treats and was worth standing in line for.
    They moved fast and was great for snacks to go.

  24. says

    This was our favorite place to go after Fantasmic. It has the best treats and was worth waiting in line fore.
    They were very quick to wait on you and had the best snacks to take home.

  25. Debra says

    This is so disheartening! We always loved visiting Sweet Spells to video a cast member making a caramel apple and then sample a delicious treat! I agree with other reviews that there are plenty of merchandise locations and we need to keep a designated candy/sweet shop! All of the fun character themed delicious treats are part of the Disney Magic…so sad to see this go!

  26. Angel says

    This is so disappointing. In the last couple of years, Disney has taken away several iconic stores/rides/landmarks. It seems to be all about the money, some of the “Magic” is gone. This makes me sad…

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