What’s Inside the Latest Gourmet Doughnut at Disneyland Hotel?

Gourmet Doughnuts arrived at The Coffee House in Disneyland Hotel last summer, and they continue to steal the show in the bakery case!

Disneyland Hotel Coffee House

Disneyland Hotel Coffee House

Case in point: the latest Strawberry Nutella Doughnut.

Strawberry Nutella Doughnut

Strawberry Nutella Doughnut

Strawberry. Nutella. Doughnut. What more can I say? Well, okay… I can say a little more ;) !

For starters, just look at how artfully the strawberry is sliced on top of the “icing” (put in quotes because the consistency is really somewhere between and icing and a jam). And on the inside?

Strawberry Nutella Doughnut

Strawberry Nutella Doughnut

It’s packed with scrumptious, chocolate-hazelnut Nutella just ready to ooze out of it when you bite in! This is an improvement over the Royal Strawberry Doughnut, which attempted something similar with a Bavarian Chocolate filling but lacked in the amount distributed throughout the doughnut. Plus, this filling is further amped by virtue of being Nutella instead!

These remain rather spendy doughnuts at $5.49. But artistically — and more importantly, tastily! — remain worth the splurge!

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  1. Essie says

    That’s a lot of money for a doughnut. If have to make that my entire breakfast, but it does look good and I’m not a big eater!

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