DFB Video: The Best Counter Service Breakfasts in Disney World!

Hey, friends! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re talking about the Most Important Meal of the Day!

Nutella Waffle at Magic Kingdom's Sleepy Hollow

Nutella Waffle at Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow

That’s right… we’re taking on one of our favorite topics: BREAKFAST in Disney World! And if you’re not spending breakfast at a Table Service restaurant in Disney World, there are PLENTY of terrific and unique options for breakfast in the Counter Service locations, both in the Parks and at the Resorts! So get ready to start the day with us in our latest DFB YouTube Video!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s your favorite breakfast in Disney World?


  1. Gerald Michael Wert says

    Please provide PDF of best counter-service breakfasts in WDW. Also would like to talk with someone on WdW Food Blog staff regarding critiquing Beachclub Marketplace pitiful dining options in hopes of getting improvements.

  2. Mary says

    Thank you for the video, “Disney World’s Best and Most Unique Fast Food Breakfasts!” Last year we LOVED the breakfast flatbread at AKL- sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, and gravy on crunchy flatbread. Fantastic for a breakfast by the pool! Sadly this year it was gone :( We are hoping you will stumble across it again in one of your reviews!! Keep up the great work, we love your videos!!

  3. Sandra says

    Still fans of the classic Bounty Platter at our resort food court (Music). We often pick up a fruit and yogurt parfait or bagel and then split the platter between my husband and myself (eggs, potatoes, mini-waffle, sausage, bacon and biscuit). We used to get the breakfast pizza at Electric Umbrella, back when there were only two parks. Wish they’d bring that back!

  4. DFB Sarah says

    Gerald, feel free to email support@dfbguide.com with your questions and suggestions. If you’re a DFB Newsletter subscriber, note that in your email, and we’ll be happy to send along the PDF of the Best Counter Service Breakfasts in WDW. Also, we agree with you on Beach Club Marketplace, even with some recent improvements they’ve made. We’ll stop in for a review soon!

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