It’s Time for BREAKFAST at Woody’s Lunch Box in Disney World’s Toy Story Land!

Yesterday we brought you our full review of EVERYTHING on the menu for Lunch and Dinner at Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land, and now we’re back for breakfast!

Woody's Lunch Box

Woody’s Lunch Box

With many thanks to some friends and readers of the DFB (Daniel S. and @brbgoingtodisney), we’re taking you to breakfast in Andy’s backyard!

Woody's Lunch Box area

Woody’s Lunch Box area

You can take the full tour of Woody’s Lunch Box here, because today we’re diving straight into two of the headliners on the morning menu! The S’more French Toast Sandwich ($7.99) is a gooey mixture of marshmallow and chocolate ganache tucked inside a grilled custard-soaked brioche bread.

S'more French Toast Sandwich

S’more French Toast Sandwich

So you’ve got your chocolate and your marshmallow… but where’s that final S’more staple ingredient of graham cracker? Small bits are encrusted on the outside of the sandwich, along with cinnamon and sugar! This might even beat out the Croissant Doughnut (topped with banana-caramel sauce and chocolate ganache) at Be Our Guest Restaurant as the most unapologetic dessert-for-breakfast in Disney World right now!

Looking for something more-than-slighty less sweet ;-D? Our friend Daniel went for the all-out-savory Breakfast Bowl ($8.49), among other items.

Breakfast at Woody's Lunch Box

Breakfast at Woody’s Lunch Box

He brought a friend along — his new Alien Popcorn Bucket — to help sniff out the scene!

Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast Bowl

Like the Totchos for lunch and dinner, the Breakfast Bowl has a base of baked (not fried) potato barrels. It’s topped with smoked brisket country gravy, a heaping helping of scrambled eggs, and green onions.

Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast Bowl

He shared that the Breakfast Bowl was hearty, with big bits of brisket in the gravy (layered underneath the eggs). There was a bit of spice for a surprise. And he also advised that he added ketchup to the dish, which can be found in plentiful supply among the condiments.



Woody’s Lunch Box has more up for grabs in the morning, including a Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich ($7.49) which also features melted Swiss cheese, sautéed green pepper, onions, and scrambled eggs on grilled sourdough bread.

Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

The Kids’ Menu features smaller version of the three dishes above.

Looking for something lighter? The Banana Split Yogurt Parfait ($5.99) layers pineapple, strawberries, and banana with vanilla yogurt and honey.

Banana Split Yogurt Parfait

Banana Split Yogurt Parfait

It’s topped with granola and dark chocolate chips to sweeten things up just a bit.

And don’t forget… those Lunch Box Tarts ($3.29) that we loved during dinner are also available for breakfast, playing up the nostalgic theme with a take on a breakfast toaster tart. Choices are Raspberry and Chocolate Hazelnut. The Raspberry includes raspberry marmalade stuffed in the pastry, which is covered with strawberry fondant and crispy pearls.

Raspberry Lunch Box Tart

Raspberry Lunch Box Tart

The Chocolate-Hazelnut stuffed pastry is covered in a maple fondant and candied bacon. Because breakfast ;) .

Chocolate Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart

Chocolate Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart

If you want some help tackling the lines at Woody’s Lunch Box no matter what time of day you visit, remember that this spot offers Mobile Order!

Check out all the Toy Story Land fun here!

What would you like to try for breakfast at Woody’s Lunch Box? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Kelly says

    This may be a silly question but does the french toast have egg? That sounds so good but I am egg intolerant.

  2. DFB Sarah says

    Kelly, we would imagine yes, but you’ll definitely want to check the allergen info when you visit Woody’s Lunch Box.

  3. Jan says

    Hi Do you know if there are any gluten free options at Woody’s lunch box? Many thanks Janet

  4. DFB Sarah says

    Cevin, the bread is French toast style and is described on the official menu as “custard soaked brioche”, leading us to believe it’s got to have eggs at least in the custard and probably eggs or butter in the bread itself. But you’ll want to confirm this at the counter (or see if they can make it with vegan-friendly bread).

  5. DFB Sarah says

    For all who’ve inquired about allergens at Woody’s Lunch Box: AJ tells me that all the sandwiches can be made with gluten free bread. Also in allergen news: the breakfast parfait can be made without granola and with a side of chocolate chips. The grilled cheese can also be made with vegan cheese.

  6. Jill says

    Can anyone tell me what time they stop taking breakfast orders? I don’t want to miss that smores french toast and I can’t find the specific mealtime hours anywhere!

  7. Jan says

    hi thanks for the reply about GF toastie, as a Coeliac it has been years since I have had a toastie (they are never the same when you try them yourself) so I am really looking forward to my hol. I wish the UK could deal with allergens as brilliantly as Disney World.

    Would it be possible when you do food reviews and food videos to show a copy of the allergen menu as well as the normal menu, most counter service restaurants have a card showing all the food you can have depending on your allergen, it would be really helpful to see this to help our planning for dining (I had hoped to see them on AJ’s gluten free video – maybe she could do a part two!!!!).

    Many thanks, really enjoy all your features.

  8. DFB Sarah says

    Jan, thanks for the feedback! We’re always looking for ways to add value for our readers, and I’ve passed on this request to AJ!

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