Walt Disney World Employee Killed in Accident at Disney World’s Pop Century Resort

A Walt Disney World employee was killed in an accident at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. According to reports, 33-year-old Juan Alberto Ojeda was unresponsive at the hotel property and declared dead after 9 a.m.

Disney's Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

In a statement, Walt Disney World Resort president George A. Kalogridis said, “All of us at Walt Disney World Resort are deeply saddened today by the loss of one of our Cast Members. Our thoughts and concerns are with his family, friends, and fellow co-workers.”

The Orlando Sentinel reports that no additional information on the accident was available, but that this is still an evolving story.

Construction on the Disney Skyliner gondola system – the newest form of transportation at Disney World – is occurring at Pop Century. Officials have not stated that the accident was related to the Skyliner construction.

Skyliner concept art ©Disney

Skyliner concept art ©Disney

This aerial transportation system will connect several resorts, including Pop Century, with Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney will have resources available for other Cast Members who were impacted by the accident and are working with authorities to determine what happened.

Our thoughts are with the family and co-workers at this time.

Source: Orlando Sentinel


  1. Maggie says

    My original comment seems to have been deleted. This is extremely inflammatory and lazy reporting. There has been no confirmed connection between this tragedy and the Skyliner. No actual news sources are trying to draw this conclusion. Please update your story.

  2. Wendy says

    Can you please update your article? It is not accurate and totally misleading . The poor CM’s cause of death was released, and it had NOTHING to do with gondola system. He was working on the battery of a Toro vehicle, and the vehicle moved, pinnning him under. Tragic accident.

  3. says

    If you’re going to share news articles like this, please update them once more information has been released. This is not reliable reporting when speculation about the gondolas remains. If not, just stick to food :)

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