Disney World Character Meals by Travel Time

Character Meals in Walt Disney World can be a tricky thing to figure out. Luckily, our Disney Food for Families columnist, Erin Foster, created a great breakdown to help you decide exactly which character meal is going to fit your family’s needs!The focus of this chart is on travel time, so if you value minimizing the time it takes to travel to your character meal, using free WDW transportation, this is for you:

This will obviously vary depending on where you are staying. As my hypothetical start point, I’ve chosen the Pop Century resort (located in the Animal Kingdom resort area). For the travel times, I chose a midpoint of the times offered on the travel route calculator at OurLaughingPlace.com. You can make your own guide based on where you’re staying or whether you have access to a car or taxi.

A quick glance shows that when using Disney transport, it takes significantly less time to travel from the Pop to any of the meals located in-park rather than to those in the resorts. This will be true for most Disney Resorts, as traveling from resort to resort often means switching buses or boats on the way, whereas all Disney Resorts have direct bus, boat, or monorail routes to the theme parks.

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Choosing a Character Meal by Travel Time -- Copyright Erin Foster and Disney Food Blog

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