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Erin Foster: Disney Food for Families

I LOVE dining in and around the Disney parks. I’ve even had several trips to Walt Disney World where my restaurant visit count far exceeded my ride visit count. One thing that has become clear during all this eating is that my Disney dining experience is not always the same as my children’s dining experience. They may enjoy certain venues and foods more or less than I do, and those opinions are likely to change almost as soon as they are made. In Disney Food for Families, I’m going to be taking a regular look at topics related to dining with children during your Disney vacation. Bon appetite!

Erin Foster is a charter member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. She has answered over 10,000 guest questions about every aspect of Walt Disney World, but her favorite questions are those about dining. Her Disney bucket list includes eating at every restaurant at Walt Disney World — and she’s almost there. Assisting her with this tasty project are her husband Jeff and her three teen daughters. Together they’ve had the full range of Disney family dining experiences, from eating at WDW while pregnant and coping with the World’s pickiest preschooler, to tackling three character meals in one day, strolling the Food & Wine festival with a teenager, and even dining at the ultra posh Victoria & Albert’s Chef’s Table with children.

Outside of Disney World, Erin has been served chocolate chip pancakes by Chip at Disneyland, eaten Mickey-shaped brioche at Disneyland Paris, conquered the buffet while on Disney Cruises Line voyages, and eaten the local cuisine during Adventures by Disney trip visits to Costa Rica, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and the American West.

She firmly believes that if all the world leaders would sit down together and share a Dole Whip, they’d get that world peace thing worked out in no time.

Find Erin on twitter at @MomsPanelErin. Erin is a regular contributor to the blog at You may also find her working with the team over at from time to time!

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