Free 2017-2018 Disney Cruise Line Planning Video!

What’s almost as good as going on a Disney Cruise? Getting your Disney Cruise Fix for Freeeee!

I know right? It sounds too good to be true — the words Disney and Free appearing in the same sentence. But that’s what we’re sharing with you today.

Click the image below to learn more about getting your FREE Disney Cruise Line video. You can view right away, have it sent to your home — or BOTH!

If you aren’t familiar with them yet, Disney produces fantastic videos that are absolutely chock full of beautiful scenes as well as SUUUUPER helpful information. And they’re yours for free! Just click on the image below.

It’s 100% Free, No Strings Attached — and You Can View It Immediately!

In the old days — you know, the 90s — you had to wait for the videos to be delivered to your home before you could watch them. But this is the age of immediate gratification! So share just a little info about what your interests are, and you’ll have access to the videos immediately, for free.

But there’s another benefit to signing up for Disney’s mailing lists. When you do, you just may receive special discount offers that aren’t available to the general public. There’s no guarantee, but it’s certainly a possibility. After all, if Disney is looking to provide incentives to book cruises, it makes sense that they’d offer those discount to the people who’ve actually shown interest first. ;-D

New to Disney? Or a Veteran Planner?

New to Disney? For those who are new to the Disney Cruise Line, this video does a GREAT job of introducing you to DCL and showing you what sets it apart from other cruise lines (Hint: it’s a big ole dose of Disney Magic.) This is the info that’s crucial to get your trip planning started. Beside that, it will ratchet up your excitement about your trip by about a million percent. And like I said, there’s the potential for discount codes. Everyone wants to save money…and you don’t have to spend a cent to throw your hat into the ring with this offer.

Mickey and Minnie <3 <3 <3

Mickey and Minnie

Veteran Planner? I know, meeee toooo! Seriously — have you met me? I’m at Disney pretty much every other month. But even so, I admit it — I’m still after that Disney Fix. And you KNOW you are too. :-D And even if you’ve vacationed in the Parks, there’s still so much to discover and LOVE about Disney Cruise Line. This video gives you a solid foundation before you take the plunge and book a voyage.

Even now, I remember years ago how I’d order my Disney videos every year and watch them time and again. And now that I’ve had the good fortune to take several Disney Cruises, I feel exactly the same way. There’s so much to discover about both the ships and the ports that I still get excited just thinking about it! But with that excitement comes the knowledge that the best vacation is a well-planned vacation — especially if you’re traveling with littles or multiple generations. Planning ahead can ensure that you avoid common missteps that might impact your trip.

Disney Cruise to Canada

Disney Cruise to Canada

Recently, I’ve been on several Disney Cruises, but I STILL get this video every single year, because there’s always something new and exciting to learn about Disney Cruise Line. And while I still love watching, I’m amazed at how much MORE information there is in the video now than there was back then! It’s also incredible that it’s still FREE…when there’s so much information packed in.

Ready to Start Planning?

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No matter where your Disney travels take you — HAVE FUN!