How to Make Mickey Waffles at Home

Ah. Mickey Waffles. They’re the stuff that Disney dreams are made of, yes? They’re so iconic that they have actually been the Face of DFB on our social media channels! :-D

Mickey Waffles!

Mickey Waffles!

Whether you’re visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World, my guess is that you have “Get Mickey Waffles for Breakfast” on your Disney Dining To Do List. And we can’t blame you.

We seek them out on buffets!

Pile o' Mickey Waffles

Pile o’ Mickey Waffles

We order the Jumbo version when ever we have the chance!

Jumbo Mickey Waffle with Caramel Banana Sauce

Jumbo Mickey Waffle with Caramel Banana Sauce

And now, we can even enjoy them for breakfast on Main Street USA!

Mickey Waffles with Strawberries and Bacon

Mickey Waffles with Strawberries and Bacon

The point is, we lurrrrrve them. And we know that you do, too. And when you’ve got a waffle craving — a MICKEY WAFFLE craving — nothing else will do but to make the real thing at home.

But how?

Fortunately, Disney Food Blog has the inside scoop! (You just KNEW we’d come through for you. Yes??)

See, it’s not just enough to get a Mickey Shaped Waffle Iron and call it a day. (Although we are gonna get to that in a sec.) Nope. You and I know there’s something super special about Mickey Waffles. There’s that distinctive Disney flavor.

I always thought it was Disney Magic. And maybe it is. But… turns out —  with the right tools, you can make Mickey Waffles at home that taste exactly like the ones you enjoy at Disney.

YASSSSSSS. Let that sink in for a minute. Ok. Moving on.

To make this happen, you’re gonna need two things. You’re gonna need 1. the right recipe; and you’re gonna need 2. a waffle iron shaped like the Big Cheese. (Unless you can sculpt waffles. And really. Who has that kinda time?)

Want to know more? Here we go!

How to Make Your Own Mickey Waffles at Home

In order to make Mickey Waffles — real Mickey Waffles — at home, you need the right recipe. And that starts with Golden Malted Waffle Mix.

Using Golden Malted Waffle Mix means that the same waffle that you indulge in at Disney can now be enjoyed at home. This is the same family recipe that’s been around for over 80 years. The mix is made with real malt and vanilla and the highest quality wheat. So you know it’s going to deliver the same amazing aroma and taste that lures you into the breakfast line at Disney!

With Golden Malted Waffle Mix, it’s easy to make the golden brown Mickey Waffles that you crave. Or you can make light, fluffy pancakes, too — your choice!

So, how do you get this magic deliciousness? Easy — you can order it online and have it shipped directly to your door! 

Golden Malted offers a wide variety of gourmet mixes, including Gluten Free! And you’ll also find waffle irons, syrups, and more!

Golden Malted Waffle and Pancake Mix makes the PERFECT gift for the Disney foodie in your life or for YOU! Make your breakfasts taste like Disney!

Use code DFB20 to get 20% off your Golden Malted Waffle and Pancake Mix order!

Enjoy Golden Malted Waffle Mix at Home!

Enjoy Golden Malted Waffle Mix at Home!

But What About an Iron?

Ah! Glad you asked!

Well, it wouldn’t be a Mickey Waffle without, you know…Mickey. So here are a couple of our favorites!

Check out the official Mickey Waffle Maker from This one will yield picture perfect Mickey Waffles for breakfast, breakfast for dinner — whatever! :-D

Make Mickey Waffles at Home!

Make Mickey Waffles at Home!

But here at DFB, we are all about giving you choices. Want Minnie Waffles instead? No problem!

You Can Make Minnie Waffles Tooooo!

You Can Make Minnie Waffles Tooooo!

In fact, with Golden Malted Waffle Mix, you can make all kinds of Disney Character Waffles. How about The Death Star? Or Frozen? Or Captain America?

And if your tastes run to the mini Mickey Waffles — there’s an iron for that too! (Sure, it’ll set you back a little. But hey! Mickey Waffles!)

Make Mickey Waffles Like the Pros!

Make Mickey Waffles Like the Pros!

And now, there’s only one thing left to do — make some Mickey Waffles! Here’s how.

Mickey Waffle and Bananas Foster Syrup

Mickey Waffle and Bananas Foster Syrup

Golden Malted Waffle Recipe

Makes approximately 3-4 waffles depending on size of waffle baker.


1 cup  Golden Malted Waffle Mix

1  egg

5 ounces water

2 tablespoons melted butter


1. Beat egg and water together.

2. Add Golden Malted Waffle Mix and mix well.

3. Stir in melted butter and mix thoroughly.

4. Ladle onto hot waffle iron and remove when golden brown.

That’s it!

Don’t forget — order your Golden Malted Waffle Mix directly from the source!

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Learn how to Make Mickey Waffles at Home - we found out what mix Disney uses and we have a code for you to save too!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go get some Mickey Waffles to make at home!