Pixar Fest Eats: Inspired Bites at Rancho del Zocalo (Plus NEW NACHOS!) in Disneyland

You already know that Pixar Fest is the place for classic Disneyland Resort snacks with a twist — like many, many versions of the churro and some loaded funnel cakes (like this one inspired by Toy Story). 

Guests joining the friendship party can also grab a full and fun meal at Carnation Cafe, where retro eats like a Fried Bologna Sandwich are satisfying the need for some old-fashioned fun. And who can forget the Remy-approved three-course meal at Cafe Orleans?

Berry-stuffed Beignets a la Mode

Berry-stuffed Beignets a la Mode at Cafe Orleans

But if you’re in the mood for a meal with a little more spice, get yourself to Frontierland and check out the Coco-inspired menu at Rancho del Zocalo.

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