Review: Specialty Hot Dogs at Casey’s Corner in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game…”

Okay, we know… with the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, baseball season is officially behind us for the year. But there’s one place where it’s always baseball season, and that’s Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom!

And what’s a baseball game without a hot dog… or three ;) ? I know you agree. Let’s head in to the quintessential hot dog joint in Disney World for a bite.

Casey's Corner

Casey’s Corner


Before you even step in the front doors, you’re “greeted” by a turn-of-the-century baseball player.

Casey's Corner baseball player

Casey’s Corner baseball player

Casey's Corner baseball player

Casey’s Corner baseball player

Once you enter, the baseball theme really kicks into high gear, down to the Cast Member baseball player costumes (which might be my favorite costumes just about anywhere at Disney World).

Casey's Corner

Casey’s Corner

Vintage artwork and props (including ads for Coca-Cola) line the walls and top the shelves just about everywhere you look.

Vintage Coke Advertisement

Vintage Coke Advertisement

Art at Casey's Corner

Art at Casey’s Corner

Atmosphere Details at Casey's Corner

Atmosphere Details at Casey’s Corner

The indoor seating does its best to place you outside, giving the impression that you’re at an outdoor ballpark. The scoreboard reflects a score that is much to the chagrin of the citizens of Mudville, thanks to the legendary strikeout of “Casey at the Bat.”



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The Disney Food Blog “All-American Disney World Food Crawl”

Happy Fourth of July from Disney Food Blog!

Beaches and Cream Burger

In celebration of America’s independence, I sure wish I was eating my way around Disney World today! If you happen to be there for the holiday — or you just wish you were — we’re doing our patriotic best to inspire you with red, white, and blue eats.

Without further ado, let’s head out on an All-American Food Crawl!

Angus Chuck Cheeseburger at Liberty Tree Tavern

While the Beaches and Cream burger above is a great place to start, we’re going to head to the Magic Kingdom and somewhere a bit more historical!

Start your journey with lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. This restaurant, located in Liberty Tree Square, pays tribute to Colonial America. Dine in rooms dedicated to notables of American history, like Betsy Ross, Benjamin Franklin, George & Martha Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, or Paul Revere.

Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom

While dinner is a delicious feast served family-style, lunch is an a la carte offering. And my favorite meal is the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger topped with bacon and cheddar cheese.

Liberty Tree Tavern Burger

A juicy, thick burger is served perfectly with steak-cut fries. It may sound common, but it’s one of my favorite burgers in all of Disney World!

Hot Dogs at Casey’s Corner

When the next hunger pangs roll around, head to Casey’s Corner on Main Street U.S.A. for another favorite Fourth of July grill food: Hot Dogs!

I love a good plain hot dog from Casey’s! And there are always great condiments and toppings to dress it up, like plastic cheese!

You MUST have a Hot Dog and Fries from Casey's!

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