Keeping the Foodie Girl Clean

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster found some zero-calorie treats for foodies in Disney World!

One of my daughters’ favorite food-related treats at Walt Disney World doesn’t come from a snack cart or restaurant. Nope, our must-buy item comes from the Basin White bath products store at the Grand Floridian.

We stop there, or at the sister Basin store at Downtown Disney, every trip to stock up on birthday cake soap. It smells as sweet as cake, but with none of those pesky calories. Over the years, we’ve purchased several dozen slivers of “cake” to use ourselves or to add as a special something to friends’ birthday packages. Isn’t it pretty?:

Birthday cake soap

While exploring the Basin stores on a recent trip, we found a wonderful selection of other body products that were either decorated with food items or smelled like food items. Any of these would make a sweet gift for [Read more…]