Five Fun Disney Food Experiences That Won’t Break the Bank

Find Out How They Make Mickey Bread!

While touring attractions and riding rides is the main reason why many folks visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland, there are quite a few little-known adventures that might not be promoted on the front of the guide maps, but are still just as fun to experience.

Today we’ve got a few of our favorite food experiences that might be a little “dark horse” when it comes to the popular vote, but we’ve never heard any complaints from folks who tried them! See if they might fit a time slot in your next vacation!

Miyuki the Candy Artist

Miyuki is an incredible performer and artist who makes teeny-tiny sculptures out of rice candy, right in front of your eyes! She is one of only 15 people in the world who are professionally trained in the art of Japanese candy-making — a trade she learned from her grandfather.

Miyuki and her Candy Art

Watch as Miyuki turns a ball of hot rice candy into an incredibly beautiful tiger, peacock, unicorn, or other gorgeous creature. It’s truly an amazing sight to see. Read more about Miyuki and see photos and videos of her creations here.

Miyuki's Pink Leopard

In past years, Miyuki has been able to [Read more…]

Disney Food for Families Review: Behind the Seeds Tour in Epcot

Disney Food for Families Columnist Erin Foster takes us backstage on on the Behind the Seeds Tour in Epcot’s The Land pavilion.

Back in the day, we pulled our girls out of school a few times to go to Disney World (shhh, don’t tell). To assuage my guilt, I tried to work some educational content into these trips. One of my attempts at intellectual betterment resulted in signing the family up for the Behind the Seeds tour at the Land pavilion at Epcot. Learning! About food!

As it turns out, we really did have such a great time learning about, and trying, the foods in the Land, we’ve been back on the tour twice more.

Behind the Seeds is an hour-long walk through much of the growing areas seen during the Living with the Land boat ride. If you’ve ever been on the boat and wondered who those rock star folks were walking around in the gardens, well, those are the Behind the Seeds people. Don’t forget to wave.

On the tour, you're actually in the attraction

Tours are lead by members of the botanical team at the Land. These are often graduate students in the agricultural sciences. Personally, I’m not a gardener, but if you did have a technical question, the guides would [Read more…]