Unique Slushy at the Golden Oak Outpost in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

The heat of summer in central Florida is quickly approaching (believe it or not!), and we’ve found an icy drink in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom that is guaranteed to give you the chills. The Desert Pear Lemonade Slushy is sweet, tart, and totally refreshing. And you’ll find it at Golden Oak Outpost, current¬†home of Chicken Nuggets and former home of Sweet Potato Nuggets!

Golden Oak Outpost

Golden Oak Outpost

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What’s YOUR Favorite Club Cool Beverage in Epcot?

My word, we’ve been doing this blog for three years and we still don’t have a post dedicated to Epcot’s Club Cool!

To remedy this, we set up another fun poll at our Disney Food Blog Facebook Page when we asked “What’s your favorite beverage to try at Club Cool?”

Club Cool Sign

Club Cool, located in Epcot’s Future World, dispenses flavorful fountain drinks from around the globe. This is a fun (and free!!) activity included in your park admission.

Flavors Around the World

First, let’s review the choices of Coke products that are available for sampling at Club Cool:

Club Cool Flavors - click for larger version

— Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique
— Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica
— Beverly from Italy
— Vegeta Beta from Japan
— Kinley Lemon from Israel
— Lift Apple from Mexico
— Smart Watermelon from China
— Mezzo Mix from Germany
(Let us know if you’ve seen different flavors!)

Our Facebook friends chimed in with their favorite flavors and some funny answers! The top three flavors that our readers enjoy sipping are [Read more…]