Now Serving Corn Dogs!

Heather Sievers, a Disneyland food expert, Mom, and inventor of Time Out Spots, is back! And today she’s sharing a bit of exciting news about the Bountiful Valley Farmers Market in Disney California Adventure — they’re Now Serving Corn Dogs! Read her delicious review of one of her (and my!) family’s favorite Disneyland meals…

There aren’t too many food items my entire family can agree on for a Disney dinner on any given night. There is, however, one thing that goes over well no matter what. A Disney corn dog. There is the ever popular Corn Dog Cart at the end of Main Street in Disneyland, but the line there is almost always ridiculous. You know what that means though? Long line = good food (well, usually that’s what it means; we’ve probably all waited in a long line that may have not been “worth it” at some point). Disney corn dogs are worth the wait, but if you’ve got a park hopper ticket, skip the line and head over to California Adventure.

When the Corn Dog Castle closed its windows a while back (due to the construction of The Little Mermaid ride), we were beyond upset. That is, until we saw the sign at The Bountiful Valley Farmer’s Market that reads “Now Serving Corn Dogs.” [Read more…]

Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival Specialty Item Review: Chicken Wrap and Cheesecake

As I mentioned previously, Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival is highlighting several specialty items inspired by the festival’s “Art of Flavor” tagline and sold at counter service locations throughout the park.

Yesterday, I reviewed the pulled pork sandwich and mangia meatballs, and today I’m taking a look at the Festival Chicken Wrap and the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake.

Festival Chicken Wrap
The Festival Chicken Wrap can be found at the Bountiful Valley Farmers Market near Pacific Wharf in Disney’s California Adventure theme park. This item consists of a spinach tortilla filled with Buffalo-sauced chicken tenders, crumbled blue cheese, and diced celery.

Bountiful Valley Farmers Market

Festival Chicken Wrap Sign

When we received the wrap, it was ice cold and felt like it was taken directly out of the refrigerator. This was really surprising to us, as the description of a “crispy chicken strip” made us think “hot.” The chicken strip was a standard Disney chicken finger doused in Buffalo sauce. It was accompanied by what looked like fresh spinach as well as the promised blue cheese crumbles. We couldn’t find any diced celery in the wrap, so we assumed the spinach was taking its place at this point.

Festival Chicken Wrap

While we liked the overall taste of the sandwich and thought the fresh spinach was a nice touch, the cold chicken was soggy, and we couldn’t get over the feeling that it was supposed to be served warm. At least, we certainly would [Read more…]