Review: Breadsticks and Salad at Animal Kingdom’s Pizzafari

With all the new and amazing food finds at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it had been a while since I’d last visited Pizzafari.

But while researching the new DFB Guide to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios Snacks, I headed over to check out the latest!


Head into Pizzafari, and if it’s your first time here, you’re in for a surprise. In a word, the artwork you’re about to see is gorgeous. But there are some distinctly strange elements to the themeing, too!

Honestly, I’m not wowed by the menu at Pizzafari, but I am a fan of the work Imagineers did to the inside of this place.


After passing through an archway decorated with stylized bugs (!!!!!), you’ll soon see that these aren’t the only specimens of wild life you’ll be observing.


Because within Pizzafari, you find extravagant, lush murals. In other places, there are 3D elements to the decor. More about those in a minute.

The unique thing about the individual dining rooms, however, is that they each contain a unifying theme. And sometimes, it takes a moment to understand just what it is… .

Here, for instance, you see animals that use camouflage.

Leopard Mural

More Camouflaged Animals

Since this dude sits at the top of the [Read more…]