Dining in Disneyland: The Chocolate Caramel Cashew Pretzel Rod

Although I’ve seen them around for quite some time, I had never actually purchased a Pretzel Rod from any of the Disneyland Resort shops.  They come in a variety of “styles;” all are dipped in chocolate, but some have a coating of M & M’s, some have seasonal sprinkles, and I’ve even seen them coated with Conversation Hearts around Valentine’s Day… .  But there was one that caught my eye on my last trip to Pooh Corner, nestled back in Critter Country.

Cashew Pretzel Rods

Available in both dark and milk chocolate, the Cashew Pretzel Rod is hand dipped with love in the candy kitchens of the Disneyland Resort.  At $4.50 a pop, they aren’t cheap; but they are big enough to share with a friend, which is exactly what I did!  After purchasing, my snack buddy and I headed to the waterside seating over at The Hungry Bear to enjoy our tasty treat.

Milk Chocolate Cashew Pretzel Rod

Although it was extremely delicious [Read more…]