Review: Champagne Seminar at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic

For the fourth year in a row, we are looking forward to celebrating food and fun at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic! Mark your calendars for this special event, which takes place this year on Friday, October 18, and Saturday, October 19.

We have enjoyed the Causeway tasting booths that are the mainstay of the event during that past few years.

A Beautiful Sunny Evening on the Causeway

But there are also many fun and informative food and beverage seminars that take place over the course of the two-day event. AJ already reviewed her experience at the Modern Mixology seminar, and now I’ve got a new one to share: Base to Bubbles.

Base to Bubbles Presentation Screen

Base to Bubbles Seminar Atmosphere

The fun begins when you arrive and check in at the registration table outside, behind the hotel on the Causeway. We went ahead and picked up our wristbands, as well as my ticket to Base to Bubbles at the registration table.

While my husband milled about the Causeway to get the lay of the land, I headed back into the Swan’s conference center to find the room where my seminar would be held.

Food and Wine Classic Wristbands and Base to Bubbles Ticket

Soon, I found the right room, and the [Read more…]

Champagne and Sake Seminar Details: Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic

Furthering my crusade to learn more about the first annual Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic, I got the wonderful opportunity to speak with two of the event’s seminar leaders last week: Chad Lobner, Kimonos Sushi Restaurant Manager and leader of the Sake Seminars; and Olivier Zambaux, Shula’s Steak House Manager/Certified Wine Sommelier and leader of the Champagne Seminars.

Here’re some of the pretty rad details that you get to experience if you’re signed up for either of these two seminars. (And if you’re not, check out this link for more information on how you can experience the first annual Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic!)

Sake Seminar

When: Friday and Saturday, October 8th and 9th, 4:30-5:30pm
To Book: Some seminars are full, but it never hurts to call — 407-934-1609. As of this interview, there was still space in Friday’s seminar.

Description: Dive into the history of sake, the current trends in the industry, and a hint at what we can expect tomorrow. Topics include vessels, labeling, when to warm your sake and how the production and milling of sake produces different grades and taste profiles. This class will be filled with opportunities to taste many different types of sake and demonstrate how simple it is to pair with food. Kanpai! Instructor: Chad Lobner, Kimonos Sushi Restaurant Manager

What can guests expect from the sake seminar that might surprise them?
Guests will walk through the experience of Japanese sake, and the seminar will dispel some myths about sake. For example, hot sake, which is what many of us have the most experience with, is usually not the highest quality sake you [Read more…]