Disney Food for Families: Little Kid Snacks Throwdown — Disney Style

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster has done a bit of experimenting this week with a couple of volunteers!

Disney has made admirable strides in recent years in providing healthier food options for kids: fries are no longer the auto-side for meals, fresh fruit is readily available, and non-sugary snacks are often displayed on the same shelf as candy.

Among these non-candy options are offerings called “Tiny Treats,” some branded with the Chip & Dale Snack Company logo and some with the Minnie’s Bake Shop logo.

Visually appealing Tiny Treats, displayed right next to candy

Introducing Tiny Treats

Tiny Treats are single-ish serving, easy to hold containers of the Disney version of preschool snack basics: Cheddar Mickey Crackers (think Pepperidge Farm Goldfish or Annie’s brand bunnies), Oat Cereal (think Cheerios), Arrowroot Cookies (think Gerber and others), and Dried Bananas and Strawberries (think Gerber and others).

When my own children were preschoolers, probably 50% of their calorie intake consisted of Goldfish and Cheerios. (I had three kids in three years. We were in “whatever-it-takes-to-survive” mode. Don’t judge.) Back in those days, touring the Disney parks meant bringing snacks from home and toting along a multitude of [Read more…]

Snack Series: Cheddar Mickey Crackers

Dining in Disneyland columnist Heather Sievers is back with a review of the Chip and Dale Snack Company’s Cheddar Mickey Crackers! These can be found in WDW and Disneyland…

Cheddar Mickey Crackers

On our recent Disney Vacation Club stay at the Grand Californian, the DVC left us a “hospitality” basket in our room for some issues (long story, let’s just talk snacks) that had happened during our last stay. Anyhow, what a nice surprise…

Hospitality Basket

In our beautiful basket there were lots and lots of snacks. One that we had never purchased or tried before were the Cheddar Mickey Crackers by the Chip & Dale Snack Company. Today, we ripped open the resealable bag and went to town on them. My first impression was [Read more…]