Dining in Disneyland: Grilled Cheese on a Stick, Sort Of…

Today I had quite possibly one of the best ideas I think I’ve ever had in my life.  I am a huge grilled cheese and tomato soup fan, and on this cold and rainy Southern California day, I found myself with a craving for it.

However, I had planned to take my boys to Disneyland after school for a fun rainy day trip.  SO… I came up with this amazing solution: Why not heat up some soup, stick it in a Thermos, bring it to Disney California Adventure, and combine it with a Cheddar Cheese Stick from the Corn Dog Castle?

Tomato Soup from Home!

I picked my boys up from school, and (knowing they’d say yes) I asked them if they wanted to go to Corn Dog Castle for lunch (early dismissal today!). So off we headed, me with my warm soup Thermos in my bag!  (I had no problem getting it through security, by the way.)

Cheddar Cheese Stick "Meal" with Apples from Corn Dog Castle

I ordered the cheese stick corn dog meal, which is basically just a stick of cheese, breaded with corn dog batter, and fried just like a regular corn dog. (Check out my review from the Corn Dog Castle here!)

Melty Cheddar Cheese, Prepare to be Dipped!

…and started dipping! [Read more…]