Snack Series: Disneyland’s Cherry Granola Muffin

Every time I visit Disneyland, I take a peek inside the Blue Ribbon Bakery on Main Street to see if there is anything new and exciting.  When I saw this cute little number with a cherry on top, I decided that my arm would not need to be twisted to try it.  I mean Cherry Granola.  That sounds healthy right?  Granola?  Isn’t that good for you!?!

Cherry Granola Muffin

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Disneyland has created this tasty little treat that won’t be around long.  This seasonal muffin looks a little like a cupcake, but it’s not at all as sweet.

After purchasing one, my friend and I went over to my favorite little “stoop” a few doors down from the Blue Ribbon Bakery and took a seat on the stairs that are [Read more…]