Review: Les Chefs de France in Epcot’s France Pavilion

Bonjour, Mes Amis! We are heading to the City of Lights today for a luncheon at one of Epcot’s most iconic eateries, Les Chefs de France!

The bistro, located in the France Pavilion, has been a fixture of World Showcase since Epcot’s earliest days. It’s served thousands of meals to Epcot guests, and you’ll still find its tables full if you visit today.

Les Chefs de France has had the happy distinction for me of providing consistently decent food and friendly service — something that can’t always be said about Disney restaurants. Since I’ve had some truly fine meals here, I was ready to head back for lunch with AJ’s Mom and Dad (whom many of you know!).


The food has been good to great during every visit that I’ve made in recent years to Les Chefs de France — but that’s only part of the story. Because I would be in love with this restaurant based upon looks alone.

Menu and Place Setting

That’s because I personally think that Les Chefs de France represents some excellent restaurant themeing. If it weren’t for the kid in Mickey ears at the next table, it’s very possible that you’d forget you’re actually in Florida.

We visited during the day, but I just couldn’t help but show you this gorgeous view of Les Chefs de France at night.

Front of Les Chefs de France at Night -- My Favorite View!

It reminds me so much of my first trip to Paris that I wanted to share it with you.

And that’s the beauty of this restaurant. If you’ve had the pleasure of a trip to Paris, you will probably have eaten in (or at least seen) a spot that looks Just. Like. This.

Inside Les Chefs de France

Photos of the original “Les Chefs de France” team — Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenotre, and Roger Vergé — line the walls. These days, Chef Bocuse’s son, Jerome Bocuse, runs the France Pavilion restaurant empire. (Check out the photo of Chef Bocuse on opening day in front of Les Chefs de France that hangs upstairs in Monsieur Paul. You can see it in our review here.)

Decor Featuring Photos of the Founding Chefs

The color palette in Les Chefs de France tends toward [Read more…]

Carnevale di Venezia at Tutto Italia

We recently had the chance to visit Tutto Italia during its Carnevale celebration!

Tutto Italia

Click for Larger Image: Carnevale Menu and Info at Tutto Italia

Click for Larger Image: Carnevale Menu and Info at Tutto Italia

This celebration in Epcot’s Italy pavilion took place from February 8th through February 16th, and featured a special menu (click on the image above) and the wearing of masks by the cast members in the restaurant.

History of the REAL Carnevale di Venezia
The famous Carnevale di Venezia happens every year in Venice, Italy, during the weeks just before lent. Mask-wearing at social events during Carnevale was first recorded in the 11th century, and soon became a customary way for noblemen and dignitaries to conduct “business” — including gambling — incognito.

The tradition has had a rocky history, being regulated and also banned several times as Venice fell in and out of the hands of many different governors. Today, the celebration is more of a tourist event than anything else, but the art of mask-making is still alive. Just head into Epcot’s Italy to see a mask artist — and his many stunning creations — from time to time.

Tutto Italia, which recently took over for Alfredo’s Ristorante (of New York City Alfredo’s fame), is a cloth-napkins kind of place. With crystal chandeliers and rich murals of the Italian countryside covering the walls, the restaurant — and its pricing — are a bit [Read more…]