Pixar Fest Eats: Carrot Cake Churro at Disneyland Resort

Pixar Fest is in full swing at Disneyland Resort — and they’ve got the eats to prove it! ;) We are so ready for this festival of friendship and all of our favorite Pixar pals (not to mention the Fest-worthy treats!).

Pixar Fest Kicks off on FRIDAY!! ©Disney

Pixar Fest Kicks off on FRIDAY!! ©Disney

Today we’re bringing you a fun churro option — one of many churros available during Pixar Fest! The Carrot Cake Churro is located at the churro cart across from the Haunted Mansion — so scare up one of these ASAP!

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ALL THE CHURROS (and Even More Food) at Disneyland’s Pixar Fest!

There’s more food than you can shake a stick at for Pixar Fest — kicking off TODAY all over Disneyland Resort!

Lotso Strawberry Churros ©Disney

Lots-o-Straw-“Beary” Churros ©Disney

Or maybe I should say, “more food than you can shake a Churro at” because….

Pixar Fest Churros

Did you know that Pixar Fest is also CHURRO FEST?!

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