Fun Find: Food Christmas Ornaments in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion

I could spend hours wandering around Germany’s Christmas Shop just staring at the gorgeous and delicate glass ornaments there. But my favorites are always the food-themed ones (natch!), and I found a few new ones for you this year!

Tree -- Germany Christmas Shop

Located just beyond Karamell-Küche, this spot is full-on Christmas 365 days a year. We’ve highlighted a few food ornaments at this shop before, and I can’t wait to show you some awesome new additions for your German Food Tree (which I totally know you have).

To round out your collection, how about a bottle of glühwein, a foamy mug of beer, or an elegant beer glass? And seriously…have you ever seen a bratwurst on a Christmas tree? If you’ve been dreaming of the day, it’s here, my friends.

Glühwein, Beer Mug, Beer Glass, and Bratwurst Ornaments

This little teddy bear has a soft pretzel as big as his head.

As it should be.

Bear with Pretzel

I’m not sure what the message of this silver stein emblazoned with a red heart is. “I heart beer?” Sounds legit.

Whatever it means, the foamy [Read more…]