Two NEW Ice Cream Bars in Disney World!

So, get this! There are two new additions to the ice cream novelty lineup in Disney World!

Either one or both of these can be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. So far, I haven’t seen them at Animal Kingdom…but I’ll keep looking!

Disney World Frozen Treats

You never know when the chilly treats of the World will change up on ya! I was wandering through Hollywood Studios last week when I stopped short at the new menu display!

Just last year the Nestle Triple Blast replaced the original twisty, turny Itzakadoozie bar.

Now, behold: old things are new again! Kinda.

New Ice Cream Bar Menu Options -- Click to Enlarge

The Itzakadoozie is back…except it’s completely [Read more…]