Grand Launch Sale: The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2012 e-Book

We’re excited to announce the grand launch of The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2012 e-Book! It’s now available for purchase and download to help you make the most of your dining opportunities while in Disney World.

The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining 2012 e-Book is an instantly downloadable PDF guide, featuring over 310 full-color pages of photographs, information, and advice about our favorite things — food and dining in Walt Disney World.

It’s guaranteed to help you navigate your way to delicious dining on your next vacation! And if you’re ready to get yours now, head on over to to pick it up!!

For our Grand Launch Sale, use code: 2012 to get a $4 discount this week only!

If you purchased the 2011 Guide last year, scroll down for details on repeat purchase discounts. Also, scroll down to the bottom of the post for details on the 6-word Restaurant Review winner, Vicky B!

What’s In The Guide?

As you know, the Guide includes:

  • A 5-Step Strategy for Disney Dining Planning, covering everything you need to know from budgeting and booking to kids’ meals and fireworks.
  • A comprehensive and in-depth look at Disney World dining, including tips and tricks to ensure a positive and stress-free dining experience.
  • The ability to be read on your mobile device or computer!

While our 2011 Guide was very extensive, Disney World is always updating menus, prices, and other dining info. And we’re always finding new things to tell you about! So we’ve updated our 2012 edition with over 60 new pages of details along with more photos, coverage of new Disney dining experiences, exclusive games, and more!

In addition to these updates, our 2012 Guide adds:

  • Over 60 new pages of Disney Dining information
  • More Disney food and restaurant photos, and NEW Disney food and restaurant photos
  • An entire chapter focused on Snacks in the theme parks and resorts, one of the most popular Disney dining topics
  • Disney Dining Trivia to play while you’re waiting in line (or waiting for a table!)
  • Exclusive Disney food-themed scavenger hunts for each Disney World theme park
  • A comprehensive section of Disney Food news and updates from the past year, including new restaurants, new menus, and more
  • Brand new “Top 5” lists to help you make quick dining decisions
  • A brand new At-A-Glance section featuring quick facts such as how to locate your lost dining reservations, where to dine with the princesses, or where to pick up a six-pack of beer
  • New Snack Crawls through the parks and resorts
  • Updates on all pertinent facts such as dining hours, prices, resources, phone numbers, and restaurant closures/openings
  • All new restaurant additions, closures, and added dining experiences
  • And much more!

And the best part is: the price hasn’t changed! Our extensive Disney Dining information, updated and added to with 60+ extra pages and countless new details, will cost you the same amount that it did in 2011.

But, of course we’re offering a [Read more…]

Top Ten Disney Dining Tips Straight From Disney Fans

I put out the call on twitter and facebook for everyone’s best Disney Dining advice (because you guys are the experts!!). A lot of the responses could be combined, conveniently, into what I think is one awesome Top Ten list:

Top Disney Dining Tips from the Fans


1. Make Reservations
This piece of advice was mentioned dozens of times: Make Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) no matter what…and make them early! We suggest you plan ahead and make dining reservations for your high priority meals 180 days ahead of your visit to Disney World and 60 days ahead of your visit to Disneyland. (To us, they’re all high priority, so we just make all of our reservations as soon as we can.)

For those wondering if going to the parks during a traditionally slow season negates the need for ADRs, it doesn’t. The popular restaurants are always popular, and Disney’s “slow seasons” are getting shorter and shorter. Making reservations usually costs nothing, and can save you lots of time during your trip. Here’s a primer on how to make reservations for Disney Restaurants.

Of course, if you’re dead set against making advanced reservations, here are a few of our suggested restaurants you can still get into without an ADR.

Milky Way Sundae -- Beaches and Cream

Milky Way Sundae — Beaches and Cream

2. Do Your Research
Lots of folks suggested that an important part of planning your Disney dining is doing research about the restaurants and dining options available. I couldn’t agree more. Check out restaurant reviews, learn from other Disney fans how they handled Dining planning for their vacations, read trip reports, and sift through the posts here on the Disney Food Blog. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to create a seamless Dining strategy that will be enjoyable for your whole family.

One great tip: take stock of the types of eaters you’re bringing with you; make sure you know if you need to plan for fussy eaters, specific eating schedules, food allergies or intolerance, or just plan likes and dislikes, then translate that into your research.

We have plenty of dining reviews right here on the Disney Food Blog, of course, but we also have some great reference information on choosing restaurants when you have special diets to consider. Check out our Disney Dining Reference Page or the “food allergies” section below for more.

3. Coordinate Dining with Park Hours and Extra Magic Hours
This is another research tip, and a great way to make your time at the Disney theme parks go much more smoothly. Disney World posts [Read more…]

Comin’ Right Up!: Dining Tips and Stories From the Disney World Moms Panel

A New Disney Food Blog “Mini-Series!”
I recently had the great luck to interview several Disney World Moms Panelists about their Disney dining experiences and opinions. They shared some fantastic information, and I’m excited to announce that I get to consolidate all that expertise into several blog posts for you!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share several posts that will include tips and stories shared by the Moms Panelists. These will cover a wide range of topics, including suggested restaurants for kids of certain ages, dining alone in Disney World, and Disney World restaurants offering the biggest bang for your buck, among others!

Thanks to all of the moms (and dad) who were so generous with their time and their wonderful stories (and with their patience — I ask a LOT of questions!).

Mickey With Some 2009 Moms Panelists

Mickey With Some 2009 Moms Panelists

But First: Last Chance To Apply for the 2010 Moms Panel Is Sunday, September 20th!
Before I leap into the first topic tomorrow, I’d like to remind everyone that Sunday is the last day to complete your 2010 Moms Panel Application. And, remember, you don’t actually have to be a mom to be on the panel… . If you’re interested in applying, just click on the link and answer three little questions.

To give you a little better feel of what it’s like to be on the panel, I asked two-year Panelist Erin F. about her experience being a “mom.”

“I was always the ‘go-to’ mom in the neighborhood for Disney planning; my husband used to joke that I should do this for a living! The first year I read about the contest, I filled out the application on a whim. It’s been a life-altering experience: going backstage, meeting incredible cast members, and finding friends on the moms panel who will be dear to me for life!”

And here’s a bit of advice from Erin about applying:

“Be yourself, and mention a niche area you know a lot about, such as traveling with food allergies or visiting with grandparents. Make yourself sound unique in some way. If you have writing, marketing, or communication experience –- demonstrate that. And always check spelling, grammar, and word usage.”

For more helpful hints on applying, check out this post with suggestions from other moms panelists. Good luck with your applications, and be sure to visit the Disney Food Blog tomorrow for the first post in the Moms Panel Mini-Series where some of the moms share their most magical Disney dining experiences!

See you tomorrow!

(All images and graphics copyright Disney)