Sweet Spells in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Closing This Month?!


We’ve just heard that Sweet Spells will be closing permanently later this month to make way for a Pixar merchandise location.


Sweet Spells in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sweet Spells in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sweet Spells has served traditional Disney park snacks such as Mickey-shaped Krispy TreatsCake PopsFudge, and more over the years. It’s one of the spots where you can see specialty Caramel Apples being decorated, and it added a line of Whoopie Pies unique to the location a couple of years ago.

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New DFB Video: Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom

We’re so excited to share with you a trip to Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom! It’s our next adventure that we’re bringing to you, via our new DFB YouTube Channel!

Main Street Confectionery

Main Street Confectionery

Main Street Confectionery is your one stop shopping spot for all things sweetly Disney when you’re in Walt Disney World! And with its location right on Main Street, it couldn’t be more convenient when the craving for a Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy Strikes!
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Dining in TOKYO Disneyland: Pre-Packaged Souvenir Snacks

One of my very favorite things about my visit to the Tokyo Disney Resort was browsing the shops there.  The packaged souvenir snacks were aplenty; shelves, shelves and more shelves filled with unique treats.  I was totally obsessed with the adorable packaging.  Another plus?  There were plastic displays showing you exactly what was inside of that adorable packaging.

Plastic displays of candy "purses"

Plastic displays of candy “purses”

Even with the plastic displays though, I still had no idea what some of the things were!  Below is a photo tour of some of the items I found adorable and interesting, and a few that were just plain bizarre.

Let’s start over at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.  There is a great little convenience store there that carries a wide variety of Disney themed food, snacks, drinks, candy, etc.  Below are some of the adorable drinks that they had. The Snow White bottle is an apple & mango drink, the Tsum Tsum bottles are tea, and the Frozen ones are bottled water.

Disney Bottled Drinks

Disney Bottled Drinks

Various ice cream cups; each featuring a scene from a Disney movie.

Individual Ice Cream Cups

Individual Ice Cream Cups

Packaged candy, including chocolate “surprise” eggs filled with a small Disney figurine.

Chocolate Surprise Eggs

Chocolate Surprise Eggs

I actually tried Mickey and Minnie “Potato” crackers below.  They are sort of a cracker/potato chip hybrid.  Each puffy piece is Mickey shaped!

Mickey & Minnie Crackers

Mickey & Minnie Potato Crackers

I love this little box of Mickey Milk.  The only reason I know this is milk is because I asked a friend!

Mickey Milk

Mickey Milk

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Introducing: The Mickey Marshmallow Cone at Trolley Treats

Today, we’re headed to Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure to sample some seriously adorable eats!

Located on the recently re-imagined Buena Vista Street, Trolley Treats is a candy store featuring a show kitchen on the premises — a first for California Adventure. And the shop captures that nostalgic sweets shop vibe perfectly.

Trolley Treats Candy Sign

No matter how old you are, you’ll want a treat from Trolley Treats, complete with its custom Trolley Treats packaging!

I Heart the Vintage-Inspired Trolley Treats Logo!

And now, in addition to the delicious handmade marshmallows in a variety of amazing flavors, I’ve found another must have: Mickey Marshmallow Cones!

Mickey Marshmallow Cones

I just love finding treats that uniquely represent Disney, you know? And when I spied what looked like Mickey Mouse ice cream cones in the display case, I knew I had to take a closer look. And taste, actually!

The sweets masquerading as hand-dipped frozen treats turned out to be made of marshmallow!

Marshmallow Cones in the Case

I saw these on an initial visit to Trolley Treats on my last Disneyland vacation, and HAD to go back to actually try one!

As we’ve mentioned here before, one of Trolley Treats’ signature sweets are gourmet marshmallows, made right in the shop’s show kitchen. So I’m thinking these are [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland: Making English Toffee at the Candy Palace

The candy kitchen windows are one of my favorite places to hang out. On every single Disney trip, whether it be to Disney California Adventure, Disneyland, or even just a stroll through Downtown Disney passing by Marceline’s I HAVE to peek in the window and see what the candy makers are up to.

Candy Palace in Disneyland

On a recent trip to Disneyland, I passed by Candy Palace on Main Street and noticed some adorable candy makers having way too much fun making English Toffee.

English Toffee Making at Candy Palace

Making English Toffee

The process is a three person job. It all starts with a little rectangular piece of toffee.

English Toffee Grab

Next, it’s dipped in to a bath of melted milk chocolate.

Chocolate Bath

After it has a perfect coating of milk chocolate, the toffee is rolled in chopped almonds.

Almond Time!

And for the grand finale, 12 ounces of English Toffee are

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Fun Find! Vintage Disney Candy Wrapper Collection

Recently, I got an email from Jason Liebig of CollectingCandy.com. The name of his blog was enough to pique my interest right there, but when I realized that this was the same guy who collects those awesome vintage Disney Wonder Bread Pennant Stickers, I couldn’t wait to see what he had to share with us now!

So here’s the deal: Jason’s putting together a collection of v. cool Disneyland and Walt Disney World souvenir candy wrappers and boxes.

Disney Vintage Candy Wrapper Collection. Photo Courtesy of CollectingCandy.com

Many of his pictures brought back memories of family trips to Disney World and Disneyland growing up, and it’s cool to see how the design (and partnerships) have changed throughout the years!

Disney Licensed Gobstoppers Circa 1990s. Photo Courtesy of CollectingCandy.com

He’s got some great photos of seasonal and celebration wrappers and boxes, too — including this Disneyland popcorn container from America’s bicentennial.

Disneyland Popcorn Container Celebrating America's Bicentennial Circa 1976. Photo Courtesy of CollectingCandy.com

And Jason’s looking for YOUR help! Do you have any photos of Disney candy wrappers, food boxes, or even merchandise bags? Head over to Jason’s blog to see [Read more…]

Dining in Disneyland: Red Trolley Candy at Disney California Adventure

Along with the addition of the new Red Trolley Line at Disney California Adventure comes an adorable line of candy to go with it.

Red Trolley Car

These “Trolley Treats” can be found all over DCA. Their cute packages make them pretty irresistible!

Trolley Treats on Display

Available candies include Mickey shaped red licorice, taffy, a nostalgic candy mixed bag, and rainbow lollipops. All items are priced at $4.95.

I haven’t tried them yet, but I love the look of the Mickey Shaped Licorice. I’m curious to see if they have more of a Red Vines type or taste, or if they are more [Read more…]

New! Madame Leota Lollipops in Disney Parks

As part of the new Halloween Goth Goodies candy line popping up in Disney Parks confectioneries, this Madame Leota lollipop showed up in Disneyland this week! Heather sent over some photos and a mini-review!

Madame Leota Lollipop

Madame Leota is an iconic character in Disney’s Haunted Mansion rides around the world. A “medium,” whose face floats ethereally in a crystal ball (which was recently given the ability to float, itself), this character was played by Leota Toombs, a Disney imagineer whose “eyes were the right distance apart to fit the test model,” she recalled.

Close Up of Leota

The sucker is clear (not a common find in Disney Parks) with a fruit punch flavor, and costs $3.45. Diameter is about 3.5 inches.

Heather got it at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure, but it’s also at Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney. We’re guessing these will pop up in Disney World as well, if they haven’t already.

Madame Leota Lollipop

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Disney Food for Families: Bringing Home Treats to Share

When my daughters were in preschool and early elementary school, there were many situations where we were required to provide a snack for a group of kids: a class, a team, or a party. In order to break up the monotony of the crackers and orange slices routine, we started to bring back group snacks from our trips to Walt Disney World.

Suckers to Share!

While there are countless Disney snack options, not all of them are suitable for group. When buying for a crowd, my criteria to consider are:

  • Relatively low cost
  • Not messy
  • Easy to transport home
  • Able to be divided/shared
  • And if we can make them nut-free, so much the better.

Also, because these are meant to be special souvenir Disney treats, I also wanted them to be identifiably Disney – showing a character or the castle, for example. Believe it or not, there are not many food items that meet all of these criteria, but here are some of the tried and true options we came up with over the years.

Chocolate-covered, Mickey-shaped pretzels. A big hit with kids and adults:

Chocolate-covered Pretzels

Mickey-shaped suckers. Great to include in favor bags: [Read more…]

Battle of the Disney Chocolate-Covered Sandwiches

It was over a year ago that I first shared my chocolate-covered peanut butter sandwich experience here on the Disney Food Blog.

And since enjoying that one-of-a-kind snack, I’ve found that it’s rarely available in Walt Disney World anymore — even though you can find it regularly in Disneyland (when it’s not selling out in the span of a few hours) at Pooh Corner in Critter Country and at the Candy Palace on Main Street. It’s also at the Candy Shop in Disney California Adventure.

What you can still find regularly in Walt Disney World (and in Disneyland) are the the chocolate-covered s’mores, the sister candy to the peanut butter sandwich. They look exactly the same, but inside they’re oh-so-different!

I figured we should highlight both of these and see which one you guys prefer (be sure to vote in the poll at the end of the post!).

Chocolate-Covered S’more

Major points to this option since it’s so regularly available on both coasts! The s’more is made up of [Read more…]