“Please Stand Clear of My Monorail Cupcake…” at Disney World’s Contemporary Resort

Your Highway in the Sky

Monorail in the Contemporary Resort

Monorail in the Contemporary Resort

… has received a tribute via CUPCAKE at Contempo Cafe in Disney’s Contemporary Resort! Check out the Monorail Cupcake!

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Review: Sweets and Treats at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in Disneyland

It’s time for another visit to Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in Disneyland Park!

Jolly Holiday Entrance

Jolly Holiday Entrance

Jolly Holiday pays tribute to everyone’s favorite governess, Mary Poppins, and her merry band of whimsical creatures. (See the penguin on top of the sign? :-)  ) [Read more…]

New! Strawberry and Cream Cupcake Debuts at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While hanging out in Disney’s Hollywood Studios last week, we were super psyched to see a brand new Disney cupcake that has debuted for the Summer in the park — the Strawberry and Cream Cupcake!

We first stumbled upon it while in line for lunch at Rosie’s All-American Cafe and there’s no way we could pass it up.

Just in Time for Summer -- Strawberry and Cream Cupcake

The CM taking my order let us know that the brand new cupcake had made its appearance only the day before, and that it was delish. As usual at the Studios, the seasonal offering is available in other spots as well.

I spied it at Backlot Express, and it was also available alongside other famous Hollywood Studios cupcakes like the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake and the Butterfinger Cupcake at Starring Rolls.

Strawberry and Cream Cupcake at Starring Rolls

Of course, it was a [Read more…]

Snack Series: Halloween Bat Cupcake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Happy Halloween!! We’ll be covering a few of the fun, spooky goodies you can find this year around Disney Parks in the next couple of days, but I wanted to start out with this decadent Bat Cupcake I found at Kusafiri Bakery in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Bat Cupcake at Kusafiri Bakery

You know we love our Disney Cupcakes here at DFB, and finding a new one to try is always a delicious adventure.

Animal Kingdom’s contribution to the Disney cupcake landscape has been getting better and better, and I have to say that their Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcake and Elephant Cupcake are two of my very favorites on property. So I had high hopes for [Read more…]

Snack Series: King Cupcake at Pop Century’s Food Court

So let me tell you a little secret… When we first reported about this cupcake I was SO jealous of everyone who got to try it! It looked either 1.) Amazing, or 2.) Disgusting…and I couldn’t wait to find out which it was!!

This “wow” cupcake was created at Disney’s Pop Century Resort in the Everything Pop Food Court. This food court has long been the home to some truly unique and incredible eats, so I figured this one would likely weigh on the “amazing” side of the coin. ;-)

And I was 100% correct!

Pop Century’s King Cupcake

The “King” Cupcake is a tribute to Elvis Presley. This makes sense in a place like Pop Century, which is devoted to celebrating all things pop culture from the 1950’s through the 1990’s.

Everything Pop Food Court

When I headed inside, I check out the snazzy new digital menus, which featured some new desserts!

New Dessert Menu - click image for larger version

But, of course, my eye came to rest on this beauty. I’d been told that they sold out of these quickly, so I’d visited late morning to be sure I got one!

The King Chocolate Cupcake

It was just as pretty as I’d expected. For those who aren’t sure what the heck this cupcake is all about, here’s the list of attributes: [Read more…]

New! 4th of July Caramel Apple Cupcake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thanks to reader Patrick, @InIronsPL on twitter, for sending information on this holiday treat!

There’s a July 4th caramel apple cupcake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World…and we’ve got pics for ya!

4th of July cupcake

For those who are brave enough to head to the parks this week, you get the prize of trying this sweet treat complete with apple pie filling, caramel buttercream, and [Read more…]

Snack Series: Contempo Cafe Dulce De Leche Cupcake

Before we delve into the Snack Series, I wanted to give you a little update on The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining E-Book! The time is drawing nigh! Be sure you’re signed up for our DFB Newsletter to get all the details when the E-Book is released — including the info about the Reader Discount! As a sneak peek, here are just a few of the extras we’ve got for you in the E-Book:

– An in-depth look at Bars and Lounges in Walt Disney World
— Where to find more interesting kids’ meals
— Sample dining itineraries
— And more!

Stay tuned! But now, back to today’s regularly scheduled post…
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In addition to the black forest cupcake, Contempo Cafe in Disney’s Contemporary Resort also carries this little beauty:

Dulce De Leche Cupcake

The Dulce de Leche cupcake is a vanilla cupcake piled high with sweet, creamy caramel frosting. Again, this isn’t the buttery, lard-y frosting you’ll find with the cupcakes over at Starring Rolls Cafe, which automatically makes it [Read more…]

More Disney Food Merchandise

Clearly Disney food is not only a popular topic with park guests, but also with the folks at the Disney Merchandise Department.

Magnets depicting some of our favorite Disney foods, including Mickey-shaped rice krispie treats and Mickey bars

Magnets depicting Disney food

And pins! I love how some of these come in [Read more…]

Review: The Pink, Blue, and White Cupcakes

OK — you guys remember when I wondered “aloud” about the “Pink, Blue, and White cupcakes” in Disney Parks, right? I see them all the time — everywhere — but I’ve never tried them. Why? Because they look like they’re made out of plastic and can’t possibly taste good. But I promised I’d try them, so here’s the review…

As it happens, Disney was switching it up on my visit to the Studios in October! They had a swirly cupcake! I knew it was of the same ilk as the Pink, Blue, and White cupcakes, so I figured you guys would forgive me if I got that one instead. This way, I could have both blue AND red lips!

At first glance, the cupcake looks amazing, right? Huge swirls of frosting (and you know how much I LOVE frosting — cake is definitely an afterthought around here!) and pretty, eye-catching colors. But I have to say it — it still looks a little [Read more…]

Season’s Eatings: A Holiday Treats Taste Test

On my last trip to Walt Disney World, I stole a few precious moments on my own at the Magic Kingdom.

Now, when most people find themselves solo at the MK, they might hit up a ride they haven’t been on in a while or maybe do some shopping at the Emporium. Me? I eat. This time, it was seasonal treats that I’d never tried before: Pumpkin Fudge and a Holiday Cupcake!

Holiday Cupcake Taste Test
The Main Street Bakery had a couple of holiday cupcakes to choose from, but I couldn’t resist this wreath-themed one! Why? No idea. Probably because I just KNEW it would turn my teeth green…which it did.

Main Street Bakery Holiday Cupcake

I was excited to try this one! Unfortunately, while the taste was good (moist cake, good frosting) the frosting to [Read more…]