Limited Time: 25% Off Disney Parks Awesomeness!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Everyone!

Just in time for the holiday, the Disney Store Online is offering 25% off of Disney Parks Merchandise! Woo! Just be sure to enter code PARK25 at checkout. But remember, shop now!…the sale ends at midnight on Saturday (tomorrow!!). Let’s take a look at a couple of my favorite finds!

Italian Food Character Art Prints

I first spied this cool Dolci Donald Duck Print while strolling through the Italy Pavilion, like, a hundred years ago. And I love that it’s now available at Disney Store…and I can snag it at a savings — awesome, since the park stores never have sales. :-)

Dolci with Donald!

There are also cute versions with Espresso Donald, as well as Pasta Goofy or Pizza Goofy. Collect them all!

Mickey Mouse Muffin Mold

If you need some cute little cakes to go on those plates, then look no further than this Mickey Muffin Mold.

Mickey Mouse Flexible Muffin Mold

Great for making brownies, krispie [Read more…]