Details: Breakfast at Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

A few weeks ago, we shared some welcome news — Sanaa is testing a quickservice breakfast offering! We had so many comments and questions that we decided to head back there to get a few more details.

First up, we have to caution you: we could not get a definite answer about how long breakfast at Sanaa will stick around. For now, Cast Members continue to tell us that it’s in a “testing phase.” We did note, however, that breakfast had not been added to the Sanaa signs outside of the restaurant.

Sign -- Still Not Updated with Breakfast Service

Sign — Still Not Updated with Breakfast Service

Basically, this is a makeshift breakfast situation. Nothing points to this being a permanent offering. But for now, here are your options for Grab and Go and Quick Service. And yes — they are accepting the Disney Dining Plan. A meal here will set you back one quick service meal credit. [Read more…]

Review: Dinner at the Contempo Cafe in Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The Contempo Cafe has consistently been one of my favorite spots for better-than-average counter service meals.

What you find here is quick service, no advance dining reservation required. But the fare is anything but fast food quality.

It had been a while since I’d enjoyed a meal here, and since that last visit, they’d added a Lobster Roll that was getting rave reviews from readers!

Recently, on a very quick visit to the World, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check out all that’s new at the Contempo — and to see if I still consider it a must-do stop.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Contempo Cafe, well, you’ve probably seen it before, and you just didn’t know it! It occupies primo Disney real estate right next to Chef Mickey’s on the Grand Canyon Concourse in Disney’s Contemporary Hotel.

Contempo Cafe Entrance

Contempo Cafe Entrance

That’s the area that you whizz by when you’re traveling on the Monorail en route to Magic Kingdom. See? [Read more…]

Review: Lunch at Tangaroa Terrace in the Disneyland Hotel

Today, we’re heading into one of my favorite places — the Disneyland Hotel — to enjoy lunch at Tangaroa Terrace.

The counter service spot, billed as “casual island dining”, is a newer addition to this landmark. While the hotel has been around since the beginning of Disneyland time, Tangaroa Terrace opened only a few short years ago as part of a massive renovation.

Tangaroa Terrace

Tangaroa Terrace

Early reviews weren’t extremely positive. But after the kitchen staff settled in a bit, our Dining in Disneyland columnist Heather Sievers visited and had a mostly positive experience here.

Fans of Captain Cook’s Snack Company in Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort (nope, apparently the name hasn’t officially changed yet) are going to find the place very familiar. Time to show you around a bit!


Tangaroa Terrace isn’t just a renovated space — they built it from the ground up. The standalone spot is located adjacent to the hotel’s three pools, making poolside dining for guests of the hotel a snap.

Enter the restaurant, and you’ll see immediately that ordering your food is going to be an interactive experience. That’s because guests CAN place their orders at kiosks. The concept is a familiar one for veterans of Walt Disney World. But kiosk ordering is still pretty rare around Disneyland Resort.

Ordering Kiosks

Ordering Kiosks

The kitchen offers the same open concept like so many other Disney kitchens these days. It’s also worth noting that the staff here service not only Tangaroa Terrace, but Trader Sam’s and poolside orders as well.

A Closer Look at the Kitchen

A Closer Look at the Kitchen

Indoor seating is extremely limited…but hey, the restaurant isn’t called Tangaroa Terrace for nothing.

Taking a page from the Polynesian Islands, they meld the indoor with the outdoor here. Inside, soaring ceilings and big windows let in plenty of light.

Indoor Seating

Indoor Seating

But as far as seating goes, [Read more…]

Photo Tour: Cafe Rix at Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World

While Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World has a lot of charm and many fans (myself included!), it’s a little slim on meal options.

See, the resort’s table-service restaurant, Maya Grill, is only open for dinner these days; and the counter-service Pepper Market has gone buffet for breakfast and lunch, and closes from 2 p.m. until dinner. So sometimes it’s hard to find a bite to eat outside of Siesta’s Pool Bar. And while pool bars are charming, that might not be quite the vibe you’re seeking.

Enter Cafe Rix.

This is the only grab and go option for you at Coronado Springs. But does it offer what busy families and convention-goers really need to fuel up for a day at Disney? Let’s take a peek inside!

Rix Cafe Sign

Decorated in a Mediterranean style, the cafe offers a little something for everyone.

Entry to Cafe

Fresh fruit, wine, and newspapers are available, in addition to prepared cold items. I’m also totally digging on those lantern-like, Mexican light fixtures! That’s one of [Read more…]