Disney Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Great Gift Ideas!

As we head into the weekend before the weekend before Christmas (AAAAAAH!!!), I’m busy finishing up my shopping! How is it possible that we only have 11 more days??

If you’re looking for just the right gift for someone special on your list, we’re here to help! Check out another fun installment of the Disney Holiday Gift Guide for 2013. Today, we’re talking Great Gift Ideas!

Mickey Mouse Icon Metal Bowl

I absolutely love this chic Mickey Mouse Icon Metal Bowl as a statement piece. It’s perfect as a fruit bowl in your kitchen — you’ll smile every time you’re reminded of your last Disney trip in this classy way!

Mickey Mouse Icon Metal Bowl

Alice in Wonderland Teapot Wind Chimes

Isn’t there something delightful about the tinkling of wind chimes? Remind yourself of whimsy and teatime with this adorable set of Alice in Wonderland Teapot Wind Chimes. Inspired by the quirky animated classic, you’ll feel as though you just tumbled down the rabbit hole yourself whenever the breeze stirs them.

Alice in Wonderland Teapot Wind Chimes

Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup and Saucer

So. Cool!!!!!

If you have an Alice in Wonderland fan — or even a tea lover — on your list, check out this completely fantastic [Read more…]

Disney Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Holiday Treats with the Kids!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I know that you’re smack dab in the middle of your holiday merrymaking. Parties, shopping, — and of course, eating! And at least some of those baking responsibilities will fall to you, no doubt.

If kitchen time with the kiddos is on your agenda, we thought you might like to check out these cool gift ideas. Whether you need them for your pre-Christmas baking marathons, or you’d like to delight someone with just the right thing under the tree, check out these fun Disney finds for making holiday treats with the kids!

And don’t forget — DisneyStore.com is offering 25% off authentic Disney Parks Merchandise if you order by Sunday! Just enter promo code PARK25 at checkout!

Best of Mickey Mouse Kitchen Caddy

Life feeling a little chaotic lately? Add a little order with this adorable Best of Mickey Mouse Kitchen Caddy.

With colors that are unmistakably Mickey-esque, this ceramic holder will make short work of keeping whisks and spatulas tidy and at-the-ready for all of your baking needs!

Best of Mickey Christmas Caddy

Mickey Mouse Canister Set

OK, this is one of my FA-VOR-ITE Disney kitchen items!! The classy Mickey Mouse Canister Set organizes ingredients with flair.

Part of the Gourmet Mickey collection, the set contains three stoneware canisters with snug-fitting lids. Use ‘em to hold your sugar, flour, tea, or even cookies. The elegant, understated design makes them adaptable to any decor. It’s the perfect way to display your Disney fandom in a subtle way. :-)

Mickey Canister Set

Mickey Mouse Apron for Adults

If you’re going to get in the game, you might as well suit up appropriately. And this [Read more…]

Disney Gift Guide 2013 — Let the Holiday Shopping Begin!

Have you started your shopping yet?? The clock is ticking, and we are getting closer and closer to that crazy shopping day — Black Friday!

Our friends at MickeyFix.com are truly geniuses when it comes to finding the coolest Disney gear around! It’s THE go-to site for finding “All the Disney stuff you never knew you needed”!

And they have a whole section devoted JUST to Disney gift guides! Whether you’re looking for something understated to show your fandom, or you want to flaunt your favorite brand, you’ll have a ton of stuff to choose from! Let’s take a look!

Disney iPhone Cases

Let your iPhone case show your personality to the fullest with the coolest iPhone Cases around. Want to display a little Magic Kingdom nostalgia? I love this Walt Disney World Vintage Fantasyland Map!

Or how about something a little more subtle? Only the coolest kids will know you’re channeling Disney with this Buzz Lightyear iPhone Case.

Disney Handbags

If adding to your handbag collection (or hers!) is a top priority this holiday season, be sure to check out these Must Have Handbags. Whether you’re looking for something that makes a statement, or a small and sporty option, there are some great ideas here!

Want something a little luxurious? The Disney Parks Dooney & Bourke Collection is the way to go!

What about something from a Galaxy Far, Far Away? [Read more…]

Disney Gift Guide: Disney Cookbooks!

There’s something completely awesome about finding one of my favorite Disney recipes and reproducing it at home.

After all, I can’t be at the parks everyday, so it’s a real treat to reproduce a little of that Disney magic right in my own kitchen!

Disney Cookbooks for the Whole Family

If you love cooking as much as you love eating (or you know someone who does), then today’s gift guide is just for you! We’re compiling some of our all-time favorite Disney cookbooks into one handy post for your perusing pleasure. Let’s get started!

Chef Mickey: Treasures From the Vault & Delicious New Favorites

Chef Mickey: Treasures From the Vault & Delicious New Favorites by Pam Brandon and the Disney Chefs has to be one of our favorite Disney cookbooks to date! The book features more than 150 recipes from Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line.

Chef Mickey Treasures From the Vault

But in addition to wonderfully classic dishes, like Steak Diane from the Lake Buena Vista Club, you’ll also find a collection of vintage photographs, including some of Walt Disney himself!

Mickey’s Gourmet Cookbook: Most Popular Recipes From Walt Disney World & Disneyland

One of our staff favorites, Mickey’s Gourmet Cookbook: Most Popular Recipes From Walt Disney World & Disneyland by the Disney Book Group is a volume that we find ourselves pulling off the shelf time and again for vintage recipes, as well as current favorites!


In fact, before it was available in bookstores, this book sold over 300,000 copies in the parks alone!

Delicious Disney

Published in 2006, Delicious Disney by Pam Brandon and the Disney Chefs is chock-full of your favorite recipes from restaurants throughout the parks, resorts, and cruise ships.

Delicious Disney

The book also includes lots of full-color photos that help to ensure your dish turns out just right!

Cooking With Mickey: The Most Requested Recipes from Walt Disney World and Disneyland

This one has been a fan favorite for years! With several editions, the Cooking With Mickey: Most Requested Recipes books offer several great recipes from decades of Disney dishes. Be sure to grab one with the original plastic comb binding!

Cooking With Mickey and the Chefs of Disney

224 pages of Mickey’s finest! This is another book that contains recipes from Disney World restaurants and chefs. This was one of the original Disney Resort cookbooks!

Published in 1998, this may not have your most recent favorites, but it will most definitely have the classics. This is a more straightforward cookbook and doesn’t have as many glossy photos as the others do. Those of you who find it distracting to flip through endless pages of photos to get to your recipe will love this one! For more up to date recipes, there’s a new version of this cookbook published in 2004

Delicious Disney Desserts

Following the Success of Delicious Disney, Disney came out with [Read more…]

Disney Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Star Wars Food Fun!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I lurve some shopping via the interwebs for skipping all the store crazy!

It’s time to find just the right thing to put under the tree this year. And if you have a Star Wars fan on your list, we have some really fun finds for you today!

Star Wars Coasters

First of all, we’re going to be suggesting some drink vessels — and things to go in them — so let’s get started with a place to rest them! A Star Wars Coaster Set would do the trick nicely, I’m thinking.

Star Wars Coaster Set

Star Wars Themed Ice Cubes

So, I found about a bajillion different kinds of ice cube trays, and they are clearly must-haves.

Because don’t you think it would be seriously cool (read: creepy) to see Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite bobbing to the top of your punch bowl?

Han Solo in Carbonite -- In Your Freezer!

Or, if you like your cocktail on the rocks, how about a Death Star Ice Sphere?

Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

Of course, the other cool thing about these molds are that they’re made of [Read more…]