FIRST LOOK! New Quick Service and Lobby Bar Coming to the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel

Located within the Epcot Resort Area, the iconic Swan and Dolphin hotels are a comfortable walk from World Showcase in Epcot.

The Causeway

The Swan and Dolphin Causeway During the Food and Wine Classic

There are some hidden gem eats and drinks to be found in its restaurants and bars. And it’s also the setting for one of our favorite Disney fall events — the Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic! (Read all about what you can expect at this year’s event here!) [Read more…]

DFB Podcast Episode 14: Best Disney Hotels for Dining!

Hey all!! Episode 14 of the DFB Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!!

Yep — we know that secretly you all choose your hotel based on what restaurants you can get to within walking distance (doesn’t everyone?!?).

So we wanted to make your decision making process as easy as possible and just share our favorite Disney hotels for dining. It takes the guesswork out of it for you, ya know? ;-)

SO — listen in to hear some of our favorite Disney hotels in Disney World AND Disneyland…based on restaurants alone. (Of course, this is the most important criteria for a hotel. It goes 1.) Good restaurants, 2.) Beds and stuff.)

And we also throw in some awesome listener questions (and our basically-decent-if-a-little-bit-too-long answers) and some Disney TRIVIA — which gives you the chance to win one of our DFB Guides to Disney World Dining! Woo!!!!!

Alrighty…time to take a listen! And don’t forget to rate us on iTunes!

The Loss of the Leisure Suit

Wildberry Margarita From the WDW Lounge Standard Menu

In the post text and comments of our recent Tony’s Town Square review — and in the comments sections of a few other recent posts — the subject of homogenization of menus and condensation of purchasing down to just a few vendors across Disney’s restaurants has become a frequent topic of conversation.

Studios Central’s Matt Hochberg suggested a while back that I cover this issue and has since written a great post about it himself. I’ve also had some reader comments and emails that make it clear that this type of “uniform” experience might be making a dent in the magic for many of us.

There’s a concern that this is happening across the food and beverage service in Disney World and may be starting in Disneyland as well. But nowhere do I feel it more than where I first noticed the switch — the Disney World pool bar and lounge menus [Read more…]