News! Great Disney Food Finds for 25% Off Today!

Good news just in time for spring holidays and getaways — Disney Store online is having a 25% off Friends and Family Event this weekend!

Get 25% off your entire eligible order, including lots of fun new things! Use code DISNEYPAL at check out for the savings!

Not only can you pick up cool gear for your spring break trip, but there are some rad food finds (of course!) on sale too! In fact, we even found a few things to mark the debut of Oz The Great and Powerful, set to open next month!

Read on for the awesomeness!

For Your Kitchen

Everyone needs a little Disney in their kitchen. Whether you’re the “subtle” Mickey Mouse type or the “shout it from the rooftops” Disney fan, we’ve got some awesome goodies for you…

Kitchen Canister

I’ve NEVER seen this Disney Kitchen Canister before, and I love it. It has a Mickey chalkboard that allows you to write the contents in chalk! What?! Awesome.

Kitchen Cannister

And the sweet little spoon is a bonus! I need a whole set — one for flour and for sugar and for tea and…and…and…(COOKIES!) :-)

Pot Holder and Oven Mitt Set

I get it. You don’t necessarily want a giant Cinderella Castle painted on your kitchen wall. That’s cool, and this Pot Holder and Oven Mitt Set can easily remind you of the Happiest Place on Earth without cramping your style!

Gourmet Mickey Mouse Pot Holder and Mitt Set

The Wizard

Seriously? I cannot wait for this film to come out. I mean, come on. I played Dorothy in my kindergarten production of Wizard of Oz…it’s like fate or something. Anyway, be the first one at your office to sport some Oz awesomeness with these…

Wicked Witch of the West Mug

If you’re a bit testy first thing in the morning, this Wicked Witch of the West Mug might be just the chalice for you.

Wicked Witch of the West Mug

The Wizard Mug

I could get used to seeing James Franco’s face on my mug of tea, couldn’t you? The flying monkey on this The Wizard Mug is a nice bonus.

Wizard Mug

Witches of Oz Mug

Can’t decide which of the witches you like the best? Have all three on this Witches of Oz Mug. And just for fun: let your co-workers know which witch they’re dealing with by [Read more…]