Pretty Awesome Sale Happening on Lots of Disney Stuff Right About Now

Um, this is pretty awesome.

I was gonna put up a post about cupcakes today, but this took precedence. And you’ll see why when you check out the prices. This weekend only, is offering a 25% off sale on all items that are already…on SALE! Yeah, so that means you get even more monies off of what are already discounted goodies.

Here’s the story:

  1. Check out the sale items and find awesomeness, and
  2. Use code BONUS at the checkout to get an extra 25% off of those sale items. Easy as pie!

Speaking of pie, there are some really great on-sale-even-more items that might remind you of our favorite thing — Disney food! Let’s take a look at a few…

Disney Princess Kitchen Playset

Let’s start off with a serious MEGA DEAL!! The Disney Princess Kitchen Playset, which you know your kid would love, but which costs one meeeeelion dollars, is big time on sale.

Originally about $160, you can get it today with the extra 25% off code for $37!! I’m a bit shocked on that one, frankly. It’s worth it to get this thing and store it in the garage until Christmas for that price.

Snow White Poison Apple Watch

Next up, this uber chic Snow White Poison Apple Watch!

Again, another great deal. Originally $70, you can now get it for just [Read more…]