Fun Find: Vintage Attraction Poster Mugs

When the Marketplace Co-op opened up in Downtown Disney’s Marketplace last year, it was clear that Disney had taken steps to create some kitchen and home merchandise that really spoke to Disney fans through the Disney Centerpiece shop, with much of it focused on vintage designs from the earliest days of Disneyland and Disney World.

Marketplace Co-op in Downtown Disney

Marketplace Co-op in Downtown Disney

Things only continued to get better when Memento Mori — the first shop dedicated entirely to the Haunted Mansion — opened later in the year.

Memento Mori gift shop

Memento Mori gift shop

The thing is, so much great stuff came out last year, that it was almost hard to take it all in! So I don’t think I realized how cool these vintage attraction poster mugs are until I got to check them out in more detail on my most recent Disney World trip. These days, you can also find them in other places outside of the Co-op, like Magic Kingdom’s Confectionery.

Each mug has four attraction posters on it, so you’re looking at different views of the same four mugs in the pictures below (just click on any of the images to enlarge).

The first blue mug on the left features absolute favorites and classics across the board, from Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as well as the Monorail System.

Vintage Attraction Poster Mugs

Vintage Attraction Poster Mugs

You’ll notice the purple mug is entirely dedicated to Fantasyland (including Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which is [Read more…]

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Here are a few of our favorite finds that you might enjoy…

Mickey Mouse Kitchen Cannister Set

This adorable Mickey Mouse Kitchen Cannister Set features three differently-sized containers to house anything you’d like! Flour, Sugar, and Chocolate Chips for cookies would be my choice. ;-)

I especially love the subtle Gourmet Mickey design on the outside of the cannisters. You have to look close, but it’s lovely!

Haunted Mansion Serving Platter

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