DFB 12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 — Take our “What Disney Holiday Drink Are You?” Quiz and Reveal Your Personal Discount Deal!

We’re halfway through our DFB 12 Days of Christmas and we thought we’d mix it up a little bit!! We still want to save you money, but it’s going to be even more FUN today!


We LOVE the holiday-specific drinks at Disney World. From my beloved salted Caramel Kiss to the brand new Osborne Lights “Spectacle,” there are so many great options — and they all have their very own personalities!

Want to find out which drink is your liquid twin? It’s easy. Just take this fun quiz to figure out What Disney Holiday Drink Are You? Your results will reveal your special DFB 12 Days of Christmas discount code for today!
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Disney Food Photo Quiz

Welcome to the first ever Disney Food Blog food quiz! I’m a dork, as you know, and in addition to taking pictures of actual food in Disney parks, I also take pictures of food-related stuff.

While going through photos recently, I came across a bunch of Disney food-related signs/art that I’m pretty sure lots of people just pass right by — but NOT you and me! So, let’s have a little trivia quiz, shall we?

Do you know where to find all of these signs/art pieces in Walt Disney World?
Check out tomorrow’s blog post to see the correct answers! *Spoiler Alert:* Folks are making guesses in the comments ;-)

Photo #1: Hmm…where do they have really big carrots?
King Carrots

Photo #2: Gotta love a place where there’s poetry on the walls…
Pot Dish

Photo #3:
Drop Anchor

Photo #4: This one’s part of a [Read more…]