Cat Cora and The Muppets Kitchen Have New Recipes!

Check out all the fun new recipes over in The Muppets Kitchen! From Watermelon Gazpacho and Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, to Crispy Baked “Fried” Chicken — there’s a lot of great new treats to try!

Don’t forget, there are plenty of fun videos from The Muppets Kitchen as well… see a teaser below the jump! [Read more…]

Disney Food Post Round-Up: September 26, 2010

Coming to you LIVE from Walt Disney World, here’s this week’s Disney Food Post Round-Up!


First, two reminders for this week:

  1. The Epcot Food and Wine Festival is beginning on October 1st (that’s Friday!). Here’s our quick-click guide that includes menus, photos (even pics of the food you can get THIS YEAR!), and more:
    2010 Epcot Food & Wine Festival Guide and Map
    International Marketplace Booths & Menus
    Free & Low-Cost Attractions and Demos
    Special and Signature Attractions
    Eat to the Beat! Concerts
  2. The WDW Foodie Fest is happening one week from today! On Sunday, October 3rd, we’ll hold our first ever Disney Food Blog meet-up! Come find us at Ariel’s in the Beach Club Resort between 11am-2pm. Scavenger Hunt through the Food and Wine Festival starts at 11! Read more and register at the WDW Foodie Fest Website!

This Week’s News

MNSSHP Wicked Witch Cupcake

A few news items this week, coupled with some great new stuff I’ve found at WDW:


And now, on to the round-up:

Tim Rogerson, the Disney artist extraordinaire (whom we interviewed HERE!), has a cool new time-lapse video of his 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival signature artwork!

2719 Hyperion takes us to the original Captain Cook’s Hideaway.

Frugal Dinks brings us their review of Epcot’s La Hacienda de San Angel Restaurant.

The Disney Chick makes sunflower seed bread from Epcot’s Garden Grill!

Main St Gazette dines at Rose and Crown!

Eating Around the World goes to Biergarten!

Zannaland has a pic of the new Duffy the Bear rice krispie treat!

Disney Parks Blog has an awesome video from Disneyland detailing how they made their Haunted Gingerbread House for this year’s Haunted Mansion overlay!

DIY Disney: Disney Village Peach Cobbler

About twice a month, our resident Chef BigFatPanda puts together his amazing step-by-step, photo-filled posts where he and Chef Mickey show you their adventures in the kitchen cooking up Disney goodies! Today, Chef Big Fat Panda’s DIY Disney Recipes brings us a gorgeous sweet treat! Take it away, Chef!

Hello again! Chef BigFatPanda here with a truly wonderful, easy to make recipe.

I don’t consider myself a pastry or dessert expert by a long shot, but after making this little gem, I certainly want to aim for it. By this time next year, I likely will have posted enough Disney sweets that I will be more comfortable with these delectables.

So, coming off of a less than stellar Chili recipe a few weeks ago, I am so glad I opted for this next adventure. Today, I am presenting you with a Peach Cobbler from Chef Mickey’s Village Restaurant at the Disney Village Marketplace.

But Chef Mickey’s is at the Contemporary! you may exclaim. Some history is in order here:
I believe that when the Village Marketplace first opened or was renamed in the 80’s, the restaurant we now know as the Rainforest Café was the Disney Village Restaurant. I remember going here with my Mom for a very pleasant dinner. Some years later… and it’s hard to find specifics… it became Chef Mickey’s Village Restaurant. It was not uncommon to see Chef Mickey roaming [Read more…]

DIY Disney: Uncle Walt’s Chili

Every month, our resident Chef Big Fat Panda puts together his amazing step-by-step, photo-filled posts where he and Chef Mickey show you their adventures in the kitchen cooking up Disney goodies! Today, Chef Big Fat Panda’s DIY Disney Recipes brings us another classic, one of Walt Disney’s personal favorites. (BTW: I had no idea you had to “sort” beans. Chef Big Fat Panda is so good to us.) Don’t forget to look for the hidden Mickeys! Take it away, Chef!

Hello! Chef BigFatPanda here! What an interesting cooking recipe this turned out to be – allow me to tell you:

I was very excited to come across the recipe entitled “Walt Disney’s Own Chili and Beans.” The cookbook says: “This was Walt Disney’s favorite meal, and this recipe, created by the Disneyland chefs, truly seemed to satisfy his palate. You’ll find it seasonally on the menu at some Disneyland restaurants, including the Plaza Inn and the River Belle Terrace.”

I thought it would be a great fall recipe as the weather begins to cool. I also felt it would be very easy and approachable. The truth is, I was wrong on both counts, BUT Mickey and I did save the day. Let’s get to the recipe before I get ahead of myself — but if I were you, I would not start cooking anything until you read my results. I am really looking for feedback on this one, both in ideas and from those of you that do recreate it.

Chili Ingredients

As usual, the recipe’s instructions will be bolded for easy reference should you [Read more…]

DIY Disney: Disney Recipes for Your Summer Picnic

I’m thrilled to announce the first, official Disney Food Blog column — Chef BigFatPanda’s DIY Disney Recipes! Every month, our resident Chef BigFatPanda will put together his amazing step-by-step, photo-filled posts where he and Chef Mickey show you their adventures in the kitchen cooking up Disney goodies! Today, we launch the column with three great recipes that you can pack up and take on a Disney-inspired picnic (perfect for 4th of July!). Enjoy…

Hello! Chef BigFatPanda here! How are you? Don’t answer cause I can’t hear you, but I’ll assume you’re reading this with peachy vigor. I like that. Peachy Vigor! I’m going to use that from now on.

So, did you hear? I am so excited to get my own column here on the Disney Food Blog. No longer am I a guest, but a cast member (or whatever AJ wishes to call it). Thanks so much to everyone!

I wanted to do something a bit different for this post, so I chose some fairly simple yet overlooked Disney recipes that can truly be incorporated into a delicious summer meal. I am going to make the Barbecue Sauce from the Flame Tree Barbecue in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, grilled Asparagus just as they make it in Disney’s Grand Californian Resort’s Storyteller Café, and Coquina cookies, originally from the Cinnamon Bay Bakery at Disney World’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Add these Disney recipes to a rice, pasta, or potato side and you have a complete and colorful summer meal just in time for Summer Nightastic!

Flame Tree Barbecue Sauce

As usual, the recipe’s instructions will be bolded for easy reference should you wish to print this out and skip my banter.

Ingredients for Flame Tree Barbecue Sauce

You will need:
1 cup Ketchup
¼ cup Rice Wine Vinegar
¼ cup Water
¼ cup Packed Light Brown Sugar [Read more…]

DIY Disney: Disneyland Hotel Banana Bread and Prime Time Meatloaf

This week, I was sent some great DIY Disney photos from Max, who writes the Designing Disney blog. Max was inspired by Chef BigFatPanda’s handiwork in the kitchen when he created the 50’s Prime Time Cafe Meatloaf and decided to make his own version!

And, of course you need a little something sweet after dinner! I think Max made a great choice with the Disneyland Hotel’s banana bread!

Here are the resulting pics — looks delish… (click on pics to see larger version):

Meatloaf 1Meatloaf 2
Meatloaf 3Meatloaf 4

“Pièce de résistance”
Meatloaf 5

Disneyland Hotel Banana Bread
I’ve included the recipe for this one at the end of the post. The meatloaf recipe can be found here.

Banana Bread 1Banana Bread 2

All ready!

Banana Bread Final

Max — Thank you for sharing your culinary prowess with us! Bon Appetit!

Disneyland Hotel Banana Bread Recipe
* 1 cup butter [Read more…]

Grapefruit Cake Recipe From the Hollywood Brown Derby

Every Disney restaurant has some great menu items that keep guests coming back over and over again, but there are some dishes that are actually legendary.

Hollywood Brown Derby

The heyday of the original Brown Derby restaurants was the golden age of Hollywood, when Mary Pickford, Clarke Gable, Spencer Tracy, and the young starlet, Lucille Ball, among others, frequented the lush booths in the hat-shaped buildings. Disney World’s Hollywood Brown Derby is fashioned after the Hollywood Brown Derby on Vine Street (there were three other Brown Derby restaurants as well), and bears an incredible resemblance inside and out. But what I find truly fascinating about the restaurant are the stories it’s keeping alive.

One of my favorites is about Louella Parsons, who worked for William Randolph Hearst and was considered one of the most powerful gossip columnists in Hollywood for many years (to the dismay of her colleague and rival, Hedda Hopper, who often held court on the opposite side of the Derby from Parsons).

One day, Parsons complained to Derby owner Robert Cobb that all of his desserts were too fattening and requested something healthier. Cobb quickly told the chef “to put grapefruit on something, because everyone knows it’s slimming.”

Grapefruit Cake at Hollywood Brown Derby

So the chef invented his Grapefruit Cake, a dessert with multiple layers of cream cheese frosting that are anything but slimming, and it’s gone down in the history books along with [Read more…]

Recipe: Spanakopita from Chef Cat Cora, Kouzzina

Kouzzina Spanakopita

Kouzzina Spanakopita

I haven’t seen any Kouzzina recipes floating around since its grand opening last fall, so I found this Cat Cora Spanakopita recipe on the Food Network site. I figure, since the restaurant is Cat’s first signature restaurant, the Disney version can’t be too far from this one, right? ;-)

The main difference I see is that this recipe is in pie form, where Disney’s portions are clearly made individually. @gbastian suggested via twitter to swap out the pie crust for puff pastry, or you can go Greek and use phyllo.

We sampled Spanakopita when we visited Kouzzina last September, and, [Read more…]

Disney Dining at Home

A few months ago, Erin Foster sent over a photo of some fun candy sushi she and her girls made after getting the idea from California Grill…

Candy Sushi Inspired by California Grill

Candy Sushi Inspired by California Grill

This Disney-inspired treat has become one of their family favorites, and I wondered how many more of us have tried our hands at Disney dishes. After all, how many of us have tried a certain dish or food in a Disney park or resort and thought, “I wish I had the recipe for that!”

Cooking at Home, Disney-Style
As it turns out — lots of us have! I received dozens of responses via twitter, facebook, and email from readers who have had great success with creating their favorite Disney favorites at home. Here are a few that came with photos — just click on the links to get the recipes:

Erwin sent a delicious photo of some Chicken Corn Chowder from Boma simmering on the stove:

Boma Chicken Corn Chowder on the Stove

Boma Chicken Corn Chowder on the Stove

Shannon actually sent along her photo of Le Cellier’s Filet Mignon [Read more…]