Review: Iced Tea Lemonade Slush at Magic Kingdom’s Columbia Harbour House

Frozen Slush drinks are by no means new to Magic Kingdom.

You’ll find them in all sort of  places in a variety of flavors.

Pinocchio Village Haus is known for changing it up with slushes dedicated to characters from the Pinocchio story and film (examples include the former Jiminy Cricket Slush and the current Blue Raspberry Slush in honor of the Blue Fairy).

The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland offers an array of Icee-type slushes in four different flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Minute Maid Lemonade, and Coca-Cola. Cheshire Cafe serves arguably the most popular versions of slush drinks: Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade.

You can also find the Raspberry Lemonade at Sunshine Tree Terrace, along with a Pina Colada Slush (sans rum) to boot. And I haven’t even mentioned the Liberty Swirl Slush at Sleepy Hollow — a patriotic red-and-blue combo of Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. OR the Cherry Slush with FOMZ at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

Cherry Slush topped with Lemon Lime Fomz

Cherry Slush topped with Lemon Lime Fomz

Still with me in spite of the brain freeze ;) ? Good. Because there is a place that’s managed to fly under the radar in the Slush game, and that’s Columbia Harbour House. Like a few other spots, it does indeed serve the Lemonade Slush. But they have their very own spin on this frozen treat as well: the Iced Tea Lemonade Slush. And I’d yet to try it.

Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House

Columbia Harbour House

The Iced Tea Lemonade Slush has been on the menu for quite some time, but you’d almost never know it. On the back of the printed menu, the Lemonade Slush gets tops billing with a big ol’ picture on the bottom left, while the Iced Tea version just gets a small mention on the upper right corner.

Columbia Harbour House menu

Columbia Harbour House menu. Mmmm broccoli.

The Iced Tea Lemonade Slush comes to you not entirely blended, so you see both components — the Iced Tea Slush and the Lemonade Slush — in a “layered” effect.

Iced Tea Lemonade Slush

Iced Tea Lemonade Slush

And, of course, the same thing happens with the flavors: sometimes you get [Read more…]

Review: NEW Jiminy Cricket’s Slush at Magic Kingdom’s Pinocchio Village Haus

We have another cool find to show you today from Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

We just reported on some killer Bacon Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese from right across the way at Friar’s Nook.

Well, today, we’re heading to the other side of the Carousel to sample a brand new slush at Pinocchio Village Haus. Big thanks to our friend Joey Beyer for letting us know about this one!

Jiminy Cricket’s Slush

Yesterday, we braved the plummeting Florida temperatures and headed to Old Fantasyland (Classic Fantasyland?) to try a new addition to the Disney Slush Family — Jiminy Cricket’s Slush! (Don’t worry about the cold…we hear it will be perfect slush-enjoying weather again by the weekend!)

But back to the beverage at hand. It appears on the menu placards at each ordering station. And this is the perfect place for this particular slush. After all, Jiminy Cricket is Pinnochio’s trusty sidekick. :-)

Menu Board at Ordering Kiosk at Pinocchio Village Haus

Menu Board at Ordering Kiosk at Pinocchio Village Haus

The description sounded…well…interesting. The Mango-Blue Raspberry Slush is served with a topping of Whipped Cream and “Fruit Syrup.” Not sure what the “fruit” is, but we were intrigued.

And slush + whipped cream reminded me of the Orange Slush at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe over in Tomorrowland.

Jiminy Cricket's Slush -- Menu Description. Click to Enlarge

Jiminy Cricket’s Slush — Click to Enlarge

I apologize for the weird lighting and flash-iness going on in these pics — it gets dark fast in January! But we just had to try this one for you guys.

As you can see, the vibrant, dark green slush is topped with [Read more…]