Foodie T-Shirts Take Over Disney!

If you’ve got a love of food and want to wear your heart on your sleeve, or rather your stomach on your chest, then Disney has a way to make that happen.

We saw the launch of food-themed clothing a while back with these fun cupcake patterns and, of course, the Turkey Leg T-shirt:

But the trend continues! The recently retooled merchandise shop at Epcot’s America pavilion now stocks a selection of non-Disney food-themed tee shirts and baseball caps. These items evoke Americana nostalgia, much like the shop’s new candy selection. Take a look:

Buckeye Donuts.

Joe's Cable Car Restaurant.

Otto's Sausage Kitchen and Meat Market.

Fuggedaboutit Pizzaria.

Gino's Deep Dish.

Loveless Cafe.

Capone's Root Beer.

Chicago Style Hot Dog.

Superdawg Drive In.

Manny's Cafeteria and Deli.

Over in the Germany pavilion, they’ve also got a collection of German food-themed [Read more…]