Review: Most Sensational Muppet Party at Disney’s Soda Fountain

I will admit to you that I am a Muppet fan, a serious Muppet fan. I mean, like, I’ve loved the Muppets for as long as I can remember. Sadly, years gone by, they sort of fell off my radar.

I am, however, happy to announce that with the release of The Muppets I was able to fall back in love at my favorite movie theater, The El Capitan.

A Perfect Pair!

A Perfect Pair.

If you’ve got Muppet fever, then you must know about a very special event going on at Disney’s Soda Fountain (aka El Capitan’s next door neighbor), Disney’s Most Sensational Muppet Party. Muppets, food, cupcakes, and a special surprise…what could be better!!! My two sons and I were recently treated to a very special afternoon in Hollywood. Read on to hear all about it!

Most Sensational!


Before we dive into the review, I want to let you know the details if you’d like to book your spot at The Most Sensational Muppet Party! It’s offered pre- or post-movie at Disney’s Soda Fountain on Saturdays and Sundays, November 23rd through January 5th. Available party times are [Read more…]

First Look!: Disney’s Soda Fountain Muppets “Rainbow Connection” Sundae

I’m currently working on a very fun post about a fabulous Muppet Party going on at Disney’s Soda Fountain in honor of the new Muppets movie release.  However, I couldn’t wait to share a tasty treat that is being offered in honor of my favorite frog and pig.

Disney's Soda Fountain in Hollywood

The gorgeous Rainbow Connection Sundae is currently available at Disney’s Soda Fountain and will remain available throughout the movie’s run (Nov 23rd- Jan 8th) next door at the El Capitan theater.

Rainbow Connection Table Top Signage

The “official” description of the sundae is Luscious vanilla ice cream surrounded by strawberry syrup, caramel, and a marshmallow rainbow. My personal description: a sundae cup full of happiness.  I mean, I was smiling from ear to ear as soon as it was placed in front of me.

Try to not smile when this is sitting in front of you....

My boys had taken a trip to the restroom upon delivery, so I was completely prepared to dig in without them!  I, personally, am not a huge chocolate fan (Gasp! I know, I get that alot), so when I read that the Rainbow Connection was vanilla based, I knew it was [Read more…]