Disney Food for Families: Bringing Home Treats to Share

When my daughters were in preschool and early elementary school, there were many situations where we were required to provide a snack for a group of kids: a class, a team, or a party. In order to break up the monotony of the crackers and orange slices routine, we started to bring back group snacks from our trips to Walt Disney World.

Suckers to Share!

While there are countless Disney snack options, not all of them are suitable for group. When buying for a crowd, my criteria to consider are:

  • Relatively low cost
  • Not messy
  • Easy to transport home
  • Able to be divided/shared
  • And if we can make them nut-free, so much the better.

Also, because these are meant to be special souvenir Disney treats, I also wanted them to be identifiably Disney – showing a character or the castle, for example. Believe it or not, there are not many food items that meet all of these criteria, but here are some of the tried and true options we came up with over the years.

Chocolate-covered, Mickey-shaped pretzels. A big hit with kids and adults:

Chocolate-covered Pretzels

Mickey-shaped suckers. Great to include in favor bags: [Read more…]