DFB Video: Best Disney DONUTS!

Hey, friends! We’re back with another DFB Video today, and we’re discussing DONUTS!!!

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Donut Sundae

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Donut Sundae

Who doesn’t love a donut?! I know I do… but there used to be a time when there weren’t a ton of donuts to try in Disney World or Disneyland. But these days? That’s all changed (including some options you might not expect, like the Donut Sundae above)! So we’re showing you some of our favorite spots for donuts on both coasts! [Read more…]

Review: Territory Lounge at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort

We are heading back to one of my favorite spots to grab a quick bite and drink — Territory Lounge.

I really, really recommend this place. It’s comfortable, has a fantastic staff, is just a boat ride away from Magic Kingdom, and usually has a pretty incredible menu.

While my “love” for neighboring Artist Point waxes and wanes, I’ve enjoyed the majority of my visits to Territory Lounge. And with the recent installation at Artist Point of a new chef, who also covers Territory Lounge, I figured it was as good a time as any to visit again.


The decor of the cavernous Wilderness Lodge lobby area echoes the same Craftsman style as the outside of the resort. But as you begin to explore different corners, you see that there’s more here than just Arts and Crafts. [Read more…]

Review: Big Ol’ Donut at Joffrey’s Espresso & Pastries Kiosks

Okay, so maybe when you read the title of this post, you thought, “Really? In the land of Dole Whips, Citrus Swirls, and Supersize Grand Marnier Slushes… you give me donuts?” But just wait. These are super, duper giant donuts. And I know that makes a difference.

One day, I was passing by one of the kiosks, and I heard a man yelling to his wife, “Honey, they’ve got ‘em! I found DONUTS!!

Big ol' Donut

Big ol’ Donut

And I thought, “You know what? The man is right. Sometimes, a person just wants a donut.” And since you can’t find them much anywhere else in Disney World (cronut excepted, of course), it gives us an excuse to check out a few of the Joffrey’s kiosks located in and around the Parks.

Espresso and Pastries stand between the United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions in Epcot

Espresso and Pastries stand between the United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions in Epcot

You’ll find them peppered all over property, often labeled some variant of “Coffee, Espresso & Pastries,” summing up exactly what they serve. Even though they’re painted to match the area where you find them, they look fairly similar to one another in shape and size. Here are just a few examples — there is one right before you enter Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Kiosk before entering Animal Kingdom

Kiosk before entering Animal Kingdom

You’ll find two in Epcot’s World Showcase — one to the left facing [Read more…]